07 March 2011

Let's get real

This is one of those things I wish someone had told me at the beginning of my motherhood career:  newborns have startlingly few needs. Turns out, they don't care a whit for special stools, pillows, bottles, brushes, beds, spoons, or minky-lined whatnots. In fact, all they need is the following:

1. Oxygen.
2. Mom.
3. Dad.

And that's it! I mean, fuzzy blankets and footie pajamas are really nice, and thank God for disposable diapers, but newborns don't need such things. Neither do they need that expensive teak crib, that silk-lined bouncy seat, or that clown suit from Gymboree. Such stuff is more for Mom, and she doesn't need it either. Turns out what Newly-Delivered Mom needs is Dad, rest, and someone to administer her Communion.

Oh, give me a break

All the stuff all the folk are trying to sell you is just a huge glob of gravy. Gravy is mighty tasty, but go easy on your checkbook and ladle as little as possible into your life.  And remember, kids, don't drown your food.


Pr. H. R. said...

Yes, don't drown your food. Also, I could really go for a wagon wheel right now.


Gauntlets said...

And we could really use some sunshine on a stick.

Og, og.

Untamed Shrew said...

I am not ashamed to admit I've never owned a baby bath tub, changing table, or baby swing. Finally with #4, I bought my very own bouncy seat. It sits exactly where the giant danger sign says not to put it: on top of the counter so I can do dishes and make faces at him simultaneously.

Rebekah said...

I find that with each additional kid, one less huge chunk of "gear" makes its way back from the basement. :P

Dakotapam said...

Oh, see, the older I get (and most of my babies were born after I turned 30) the more I KNOW that I can never change a diaper and not have baby on a changing table. Part of that comes from the germophobe husband, part comes from baby number two who wrecked my back.
We survived with very little baby gear however. Even the twins STILL share a crib at 14 months.

I was blessed with mountains of hand me downs for the girls. While it seemed an excessive amount of clothing at the time, It turned out to be a blessing to only have to wash baby clothes once a week, or even twice a month. luxury, yes, but when baby 5 and 6 come on the same day, small luxuries are smile producing.

Reb. Mary said...

Hmmm, but the last few months have convinced me that for baby girls the list of necessities really must be expanded:

4. Stripey leggings (best stretched over chubby legs.)
5. Ridiculously oversized flower on headband.

Who knew accessories could be so entertaining? :D

Emommy said...

My favorites are the bows that are at least two times the size of said baby girl's head. How can she even keep her neck up? I'm fascinated by this ability.

I have learned to appreciate hand-me-down ANYTHING to the point that I wince at having to pay more than the cost of a hot dog for toddler clothes. They're terribly cute in anything AND they won't remember wearing superwashed, superfaded shirts. Win-win!

Gauntlets said...

RM: I support your additions to the list. I do find myself wishing there was some huge thing I could stick on the head of my baby boy; I really miss the gigantic peony headband. :D

etem said...

mom, dad, oxygen and a nosefrida.

Dakotapam said...

Reb. Mary, having finally been blessed by baby girls, I have to agree wholeheartedly to your addendums! Leggings are far too much fun!

Sarah S. said...

first time Mom with way too much gear here: I couldn't agree more! I try to use each piece of useless gear once a week or so and take a picture to apease whatever relative bought it for us...but I'd much rather have more room and more books (the only thing I'd add to your list, but to be honest, they're more for my enjoyment than the little guy's!).