24 March 2011

When billboards are all you've got to think about

Iron Skillet sounds like a family restaurant in Mordor.

Doesn't Mrs. Orcwell deserve the night off?


HappyFox said...

The food at Iron Skillet where we've eaten tasted like one would expect food at a family restaurant in Mordor to taste.

Gauntlets said...


Yours is better. I always think "The Man in the Iron Skillet."

Emommy said...

I always imagine a murderous pioneer woman going off the deep end after one too many cooking sessions with cornbread--I see the sign and instinctively duck. Weird. At least I know now that others get spooked, too!

Leah said...

I'm not sure the meat even makes it to the skillets in Mordor. Remember what happens after this line in the movie?
"Meat's back on the menu boys!"

SAHM I Am said...

I needed this pick-me-up! :)