20 September 2010

Fountain of youth

I know 60 is the new 20 or something like that, but there's also a cultural inclination to start "feeling old" in one's fourth decade of life. I think this is when we're supposed to start worrying about wrinkles and gray hair and whatever other horrible things are out there in Oldlandia.

Well, I don't feel old. This here decade appears more than adequately longitudinous, and the one after that (DV) is . . . well, we just don't talk about that. Wrinkles and gray hairs are the least of my worries*. I feel young, young, young.

No wrinkles here!

*However, I spoke with a friend who, finding herself pregnant in the unspeakable decade, was unable to find suitable maternity clothes. Where, she wanted to know, were the maternity clothes for grandmas?


Leah said...
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Leah said...

I feel young too. In fact I think this is my best decade yet, although I'm only four years into it (34).

Maybe that girl in the picture don't have no wrinkles there now but give her three or four months. She may discover, like me, that she practically has a map of the world (with topograghy) on her lovely belly.

Untamed Shrew said...

I'm 34 too, and my belly is completely covered in thick red stretch marks. I think I'd rather have wrinkles.

Thursday's Child said...

I'm in my 40s and don't feel the least bit old. Of course that's partly due to a wonderful little bottle of color and the fact that I have 2 kids in elementary.

I'll probably be like my mother...receiving PTA newsletters and Modern Maturity in the same batch of mail.

Dakotapam said...

At 38 with a kid in high school and two babies drooling on my living room carpet, I don't have time to feel old! (plus the three in between who give me all of my grey hairs by making their homework MY homework!)

MooreMama said...

I'm 33. I feel waaay younger than most people that I know that are my age, but then, most of them have older kids (ie are "done" with babies). I think that the babies keep me feeling younger. But then, I'm also not (too) worried about the little lines starting to appear at the corners of my eyes and I don't have gray hair (yet).
I DO agree with the lack of maternity clothes, but it's more because in my town, all of the maternity clothes are confined to three racks at the WalMart and consist of giant Tweety Bird shirts.

Not that I have anything against a giant yellow bird, but I'mjustsayin'.

HappyFox said...

40 here, with two kids under 3. I started getting impatient about hitting 40 when I was 38 1/2. I think this'll be the most fun yet. :)

HappyFox said...

Oh, and no grey hair or wrinkles yet, at least none that I've noticed. Just stretch marks and creaky hips & knees.