13 September 2010

In a perfect world

I wish my washing machine looked more like a robot.


e&k said...

i wish my washing machine looked less like a washboard in the sink and more like a washing machine.

Consecutive Odds said...

It would also spot clean ones carpet and qualify for the super special energy appliance tax credt.

Katy said...

I was looking forward to a picture of a robot washing machine.

I connected the dots a few nights ago, Rebekah, and I know your little brother from the LCMS college group at NIU. Actually, he dated my best friend (briefly), and my husband won't go on double dates anymore, since apparently those with Jack can't be beat (the boys talked about movies we girls had never heard of, and basically ignored us).

Also, I met your now sister-in-law in the hospital, 20 hours or so after delivering my first-born. She was a trooper and came along with Jack to meet Claire, even though she didn't know any of us. (Now I would be a little annoyed at dropping in without a call first, but then I was naive and didn't have a mirror around.). Your brother was quite fascinated with my pregnancy and compared it to yours often (visible kicks, general awesomeness of pregnant ladies, etc.) Did you have a baby summer 2006?

This small-world moment has been brought to you by LCMS.

Back to washing machines...

Rebekah said...

e&k, seriously?!

CO, obviously!

Katy, LOL. That's fine uncle and aunt. There was a baby here in May of 2006 so he had them on the brain. Actually, I think he usually does. :D Sadly, I can't allow myself the pleasure of robotizing my washing machine for now. I know it would get way out of control, and the rest of the house also.