08 January 2010

Natural Childbirth the Honda Way

Baby 5, Boy 3 was delivered into our arms healthy and well shortly before Epiphany dawn. God be praised.

This blessed event happened to happen in our car (mostly). Despite the complications this introduced to the situation, we consider the experience to have been positive overall. Dad has another impressive accomplishment to add to his already lengthy list, and we are looking forward to advocating for carbirth and outdoorbirth in the future.


Anna said...

Congratulations on babe 5. I pray that I am never "lucky" enough to experience a birth such a this.

Glenda said...

Yeah! Congrats! I had a dream (although it was about a month ago) that you had your baby, but a girl. So thankful to hear all is well...Soli Deo Gloria!

lisa said...

I've got some outdoorbirth picket signs in my garage if you should need them... :)

JenniferH said...

Perhaps a custom-designed magnet for the Honda's door could advocate wherever you go.

Welcome Cinco! May God make His face to shine on you and be gracious unto you.

Marie said...

Yeah! How wonderful! I guess I should have emailed CSPP for to contact you, too! So happy to hear the news; and can't wait to hear more about the birth!

MooreMama said...

Congratulations, yay, and God be praised, indeed!

Kelly said...


Dakotapam said...

Congrats! Carbirth is up there on my list of fears, however! My husband would really have to stretch himself to deliver our children, let alone in one of his vehicles!

Reb. Mary said...

And I say again: Awesome. You are just rockin' awesome. :D

Jody S. said...


Cheryl said...

Praise be to God! I have been thinking about you this week as I knew you were due around the same time as my friend Susan (my husband's associate cantor). She is in labor as I write this and we are awaiting the joyous news of her number one, baby Lily. Congratulations all around, and we'll look forward to hearing Baby 5 stories in the days to come.

Untamed Shrew said...

Oh, good. God is good. I give him a 'plus'! ;-D

greatgaunts said...

Rejoicing with you!

Car. Woah. !!!

HappyFox said...

Yay, congrats! And I really enjoyed your article in Touchstone magazine!

Liz said...

Honda. First man, then machine.

Congratulations! God bless you all!

Anonymous said...

Debbie S said
Congratulations!!! I think every dad should have the wonderful experience of delivering his child...... (at least once.) My husband delivered baby # 7 (unplanned) and it was my best delivery ........ a wonderful memory - look forward to hearing about this wonderful event. God has blessed you.

Melrose said...

you rock. :) Congratulations.

Thursday's Child said...

Mabrook, Rebekah.

Ahlan, baby 5!

Theophil Jones said...

Congratulations! May your lovely baby sleep through the night soon.

Jane said...

(And your article was very good and thought provoking.)

Jodi Nierman said...

Way to go, everyone! I'm glad everyone is healthy and safe and out of the cold! You're amazing!

Anonymous said...

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The Mama said...


Jacqui said...

Why am I not surprised? :-) Congratulations to all of you! Oh, the stories you'll have to tell :-) We're very happy for you!


Rebekah said...

Thanks, everyone. Especially you, wsxwhx602.

Untamed Shrew said...

LMBO!! oops, no wait--still there, huge as ever.

Anonymous said...


Congratulations. I heard about your blog on Issues. Hey, you wouldn't happen to be the same Rebekah who was in Tisovec, SK. in 1997 would you? If so, I was a teacher there at the time. In any case, my wife just gave birth to our 4th child/son last week. For our 2nd, we didn't make it to the hospital, but did make it out of the car at least.

By the way, I really appreciate your husbands insights on Issues ETC. When I heard from Pastor Wilken that he was a debate ninja, I thought he might have been the same guy I heard about in Tisovec back in 97.

Best regards,
Nathan Rinne

Rebekah said...

Nathan Rinne! Gauntlets and I haven't had a good round of Tuna Oomba since we got packed off to that scary train station in Lučenec. :D Congrats on your new baby!

Anonymous said...


You are quite funny. I'm not sure if Tuna Oomba is what you would primarily associate me with... I hope not, but if so, I deserve it : ) One of the things I remember most about you was your confident dismissal of the CCM song "Two Sets of Jonses" ("shallow", among other things, I think you said). You definitely made me sit up and take notice with your strong opinions about it. : ) Thanks again.

Best to you and Heath,

Rebekah said...

:D I've always made such valuable investments of my mental energy. Anyway, I also associate you and your colleagues with being exceptionally kind to a bunch of teenybop ministry tourists who crashed your gig. Can't remember everybody's names now . . . Rothchild, was it, and Evelyn, and Reuben, and something with an S?

Anonymous said...

I wasted the mental imagery of my youth on the most foolish and frivilous things. Tisovec: those years were way too much fun. Having you and your crew there only made it better.

In Christ,

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah - I forgot to mention that I met my wife, Sheila, there the following year.


Rebekah said...

You got a wife, I got Nutella--what a great place!

Anonymous said...

: )

You can get it here now to. At least up here in MN. you can. By the way, Sheila is an American (Minnesotan) - small detail.


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