20 January 2010

Anything to make Jeff happy

except the reality show, because no one needs to see what I look like right now. Father Todd is correct in noting that it was quite cold that morning: 9 degrees, which is why we went with the car option over the generally more practical outdoorbirth. And on account of this and other marginal circumstances, we did proceed to the hospital which, even in an ambulance going 75, was still another 20 minutes away. Thanks, Issues dudes! :D


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JenniferH said...

Nice props, ladies.

lisa said...

Aw, go for it. Just be sure to hire me as your PR/Design guru. I'll make sure they market your family properly. You will have ample funding for your children from catechism through post-graduate studies (at synodical institutions, of course.)

Then again, since your children will all receive full academic scholarships, you can use the funds for a new minivan or two.

lisa said...

I totally meant Confirmation - not catechism. Maybe you'll be kind enough to share some of your hard-earned reality show revenue to gets me an edjukayshon.

Rebekah said...