02 May 2008

Little angels

You tell yourself that you won't have those snot-nosed, uncombed, mismatched grubby kids you saw all over the place at the seminary. And then you find out that 5-year-old girls want to do their own hair and 3-year-old boys want to pick out their own clothes and a toddler is too cranky after naptime to have her ponytails reconstructed.

My son already looks like that weird kid who from 6th-11th grade only wore sweatpants and long sleeved t-shirts with Darth Vader on them (relying on hand-me-downs has its drawbacks).


Rosie said...

Your kiddies are adorable. So there.

Adam Roe said...

My oldest has just reached the "cool" stage. When I got home last night he felt it his duty to give me some advice on how to dress in a more suave manner.

"Dad, if you wear two shirts at a time it looks way cooler than one."

I didn't have the heart to tell him that his "cool" gangsta length shorts were on backwards.

Reb. Mary said...

Even worse than the fact that my kids look like *those* kids is the fact that I look like one of *those* moms, ha! How hard is it just to keep everyone clean, I used to wonder...Now I'm lucky if I get out of the house with a clean shirt: Baby3 is just as good as his brothers at launching these amazing spit-ups.

The preschooler is convinced that camoflauge pants go with EVERYTHING. At least he has a pair of cargo khakis that really do go with just about everything, that he will consent to wear to church.