05 April 2008


From one of Jane Austen's evening prayers:

"We feel that we have been blessed far beyond any thing that we have deserved; and though we cannot but pray for a continuance of these mercies, we acknowledge our unworthiness of them and implore thee to pardon the presumption of our desires."


Rebekah said...

See what being a PK can do for a girl?

Reb. Mary said...

I love that she and her sister were sort of homeschooled along with their brothers, getting a better education than most women of the day, and that her Pastor-Dad was the one who first took initiative to get P&P published--helps break some of those nasty stereotypes of the clergy of the day. (Though Jane herself poked at them too...Mr. Collins...).

Gauntlets said...

Where did you find this?

Reb. Mary said...

It's from Austen's Catharine and Other Writings, which I don't own yet but think I soon should.

Google Jane Austen evening prayers and you can find all 3. I came across this excerpt and some more neat little factoids in a book i just finished, Lori Smith's "A Walk with Jane Austen." If i ever get around to blogging it, this one will probably go under "book, recommended." Not quite as good as I'd been hoping, but then I've got pretty high standards (for some things, anyway....though not, for instance, housework, ha ha).