23 April 2008

Bleeding the beast

(as they say in the FLDS)

I got this in the mail. I don't remember applying for it, although it says I did.

That's right, folks, watching TV is such a basic human right that the government is footing the bill for it. The letter also tells me where I can buy these newfangled converter boxes (assured to cost no less than $40 thanks to this ingenious plan), and four of the six places listed are Walmart. I guess that's to appease the evil conservatives. Please note, the average American household has at least two TVs.

While I personally disagree that huge government programs like universal health care benefit society, I can at least understand the reasons that make other people want them. But TV upgrades? For real?

If I Ebay these things, I bet I'll actually come out ahead. Maybe I shouldn't complain.

Update: That's illegal! Back to complaining!


Gauntlets said...

Wait, I don't understand . . . They sent you money to buy a TV converter box? Is that right?

They sent you money?


Mon . . . ???

*glub, glub, glub*

Reb. Mary said...

The more I learn about what Caesar is up to, the more tightly I grit my teeth as we render those quarterly checks unto Caesar.

Pr. H. R. said...

Gads! Fr. Iowegan let's you see the check that gets sent into the Gov't? It would be too depressing for some folks around here. . .


Anonymous said...

Not that I like anything even resembling socialism or the government giving us money, I know why they're doing it.

In 2009, you will be required to switch to HDTV. If you have a VCR, SD TV, or any other recording device, you will actually need a separate box for each one. Or you will need to buy all new TV's and recording devices.

I think it's because the government is requiring the switch that they are also handing out these little things, otherwise there would be a lot of people without TV's or recording devices or whatever. And... well... That might be a bit more anger from the populace than the government could bear.

Rebekah said...

Hmmm. I seem to recall a story (possibly apocryphal) about the Indian government relying on TV to repress population growth. How did governments keep people under control 50 years ago?