05 August 2013

The confirming of suspicions

Courtesy of BAG online (the first edition of the Greek lexicon your husband refers to all the time while he writes his sermons, or would if he didn't actually know all those words which he totally does):


sumpovsion, ou, tov ( Theognis +=drinking-party, banquet [so Philo , Op. M. 78; Jos. , Ant. 8, 137; 12,
X. + also=hall where a drinking-party or banquet is held; also pap. LXX in both mngs. a party or group of people eating together (so Plut. , Mor. 157 D ; 704 D ) repeated, in a distributive sense (Bl-D, §493, 2 and app. Mlt. 97): sumpovsia sumpovsia in parties Mk 6:39 ( cf. prasiav ). M-M. *

That's right, girls. Symposium does not mean, "A bunch of really brilliant and holy pastors getting together and having profound thoughts and conversations for the betterment of the Church of God during which it is your privilege to stay home with all the kids for 3-15 days and pray for his mind and soul to be cultivated most salutarily." A symposium is a drinking party.

Just kiddin guys. You know we totally <3 you. ;)


Melrose said...

Oh finally, after nearly two long months, a new post! And it did not disappoint and in fact had me laughing heartily. :) So nice to see posts from you again.

Bikermom said...

Lol! Love this post. Thank you as always Susan!

Bikermom said...

Not Susan. I got confused between reading posts! Lol!

Cathy said...

Ha ha ha ha.