06 February 2013

The stickiest PSA

We have a pretty extensive Schleich collection. That's right. I'm one of those cruel, thoughtless mothers who allows her children to play with toys made out of PVC. You can judge me later. Right now, listen up.

In addition to our Schleich collection, we have what we like to call, "The Toddler." This creature has worn many faces over the years, but it is always lurking about like a young lion seeking to destroy. For reasons that remain a mystery, it most dearly loves dismantling the best-liked of the PVC toys.

What a dilemma, right? The Toddler we will always have with us, and PVC doesn't just grow on trees. Neither does it respond well to any attempt to fix it with glue ...


Here's what you do: Find a glue-friendly surface (like a Post-It note!). Dump a bit of baby powder (or some other talcum stuff) on your glue-friendly surface. Mix several drops of super glue (whatever brand you like; we have Gorilla) into your baby powder pile until you have a gloppy paste. Apply gloppy paste to broken PVC toy and hold broken pieces together for something like 30 seconds. Leave to dry completely. 

Voila. That beloved poisonous thing is fixed and you're a big hero for doing the fixing. Booyah, grandma.   


Katy said...

Thanks. We have a 7 month old dog who is destroying everything (mixed blessing, actually)

Glenda said...

How in the world did you think to try this brilliant solution?

Storing knowldge where hopefully it is retrievable for future toddle grandchildren.

Gauntlets said...

I found it via Google on an anime aficionado's site. But as it was an anime aficionado's site, and full of images of anime figurines, I thought it best not to link back to my source. :P

Those aficionado's sure do know how to repair stuff though. :D

Jane said...

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I have a little shelf lined with limbs, weapons, and various other broken schleich and other toys that will be indebted to you for life (however long that might be ;-)!