04 June 2012

How to talk polite-like

I looked this up because I was tired of feeling like a shlub. Thought you might be interested too, whoever you are.

When introducing two people, the more honored person is named first: Mr. Bigwig, this is Mr. Rug. Use the full names or titles of both people.

Younger people are introduced to older people. Dr. Staupitz, I'd like you to meet Dr. Chemnitz.

Less distinguished people are introduced to more distinguished people. Cardinal Cajetan, this is Dr. Eck.

And since we're old timey types here, men are introduced to women. Katherine von Bora, may I present to you Dr. Luther?

Also for old timeys: when welcoming a couple or a group to your home or an event of your hosting, ladies are greeted first. (Proper Lutherans always flub this. I think we think it threatens headship. :D The use of the husband's first name for the couple should help everyone relax.)


Melrose said...

wait, I'm confused, on the first you said Mr. Bigwig's name comes first when introducing but then you said younger are introduced to older and less distinguished to more? Wouldn't you introduce Dr. Chemnitz to Dr. Staupitz since he would be the more honored?

Cheryl said...

So, should I be concerned that you wrote this blog post only four days after visiting my house?

Rebekah said...

Melrose, the person named second is the one being introduced to the more honored person. So it comes out sounding backwards in the examples. Think of it as the more honored person not having to get up--the other person is brought and presented to him.

Cheryl, no! :D I don't think there is any etiquette for roving bands of children.

Cheryl said...

Phew! :-D

Cathy said...

So, if I want to introduce one of my friends to my mother, I would say, Mother, this is my friend Betty, thereby showing honor to my mother. Right?

Melrose said...

ohhhhh, I see! Wow, good to know!

Rebekah said...

Cathy, you got it. We're all going to be so polite now! :D