30 January 2012

Siege perilous

The bend of man's knee does not indicate that it is natural for him to stand or squat and unnatural for him to sit down. It indicates that it is natural for him to build a chair. A chair allows his God-given clothes to remain clean, gives rest to his tired feet, and raises him above the chairless beasts.

Man's industry is his creational gift and birthright. He is and must be the building creature, for the yield of his work requires an altar on which it may be offered to God. Paradise is a Garden but it is also the holy City, many houses of living stones. A city with no gardens is dead, but a garden is itself a city of vegetation; an untended garden is a wilderness. The new Jerusalem, that perfect bride, descends from heaven adorned, for adornment is a woman's skill and honor regardless of the perfection of beauty it ornaments. Let the one who has toiled finally rule unbesmirched and un-footsore from thrones of his own ingenuity, harvest, and crafting. No other creature can.

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Gauntlets said...

To pretend that our predeluvian ancestors were heavy-headed, cave-dwelling, rock-chipping morons is the most arrogant of ignorances. The first thing Cain did was to build a city. I would stake my everything that this city, a monument to Man turning against his God, was far more splendid and beautiful than New York.

Then again Nimrod's Babel. Way more evolved than our stark iron boxes. We cannot begin to fathom the human brilliance that was lost in the flood, and further lost in confusion of languages; lost so that we might be regained by Him whom we once reflected more fully than now. The point: what we as humans are collectively capable of now could fill a shoebox. What men could do THEN could fill the entire world.

Gauntlets said...

*prediluvian. Sorry. :P