16 December 2010

Chemical despondency

Should the day come that no other person is forced to metabolize everything I consume, I can't promise not to become a junkie.

I biss you so buch.


Leah said...


I use to get a major sinus infection every winter, but then I discovered a few little "home remedies" that I started taking as soon as I felt one coming on and for the past five years, I seemed to have been able to keep things at bay pretty well.

You probably already know all this stuff but here goes anyway:

1. Chopped garlic in some olive oil on a spoon. Yup, just swallow.
Garlic has super strong antibacterial qualities - and clears the sinuses pretty darn quick! (as for your breath? oh well)

2. Homemade tea - fresh squeezed lemon juice from a few lemons boiled in water with some honey and cinnamon. Each of these ingredients really fight the phloem. (Cinnamon I recently discovered, by reading up on its high immune boosting qualities)

3. VITAMIN C !!! - Chewable or swallow-able tablets - quite a few a day. (stating the obvious)

4. VICs Vapo-rub - rub somee on your chin (so you breath it in) and chest before bed (or in the day I guess).

So forgive me for stating the obvious or perhaps your sinus problems stem form other things. Allergies?

But hey, just thought I'd put these ideas out there just in case.

Kaylee Hicks said...

My husband also used to get bad sinus infections regularly. Like Leah, he would take garlic but he buys the orderless capsules which help the breath!

His chiropractor recommended Thymus pills taken with 1000mg of Vitamin C. You can get them at most health food or supplement stores. This is what's done the trick for him.

Hope you're feeling better soon!

etem said...

i'd forgotten all about this magical cocktail. i think my mouth just watered a bit. have you seen the "hibernol" skit on snl? watch it.

Megan173 said...

I was dreaming of Advil last night. Ah the little things you take for granted when not growing another human.

Rebekah said...

Aw, thanks girls. It's really another malady that's been stalking me and called to mind the general topic. That tea sounds great with or without sinus-related motives.

Sue said...

I found that though I used to be able to take all kinds of cold medicine, after I had my kids something changed and I started having one of the "rare" side effects listed on the bottle: the wide-awake, heart racing sleeplessness. It was awful. Better to be awake because I'm stuffed up and can't breathe. My youngest is 28 and I still won't touch the stuff. I have often wondered how many other people experience this side effect?