14 December 2010

Apocalypse soon

Some say the couch will end in slime
Some in art
From what I've tasted of wintertime
I hold with those who favor slime
But if it had to twice depart,
I think I know enough of crayon
To say that for destruction art
Pities no divan
And would do its part

(For extra credit: where did I grow up?)


HappyFox said...

It's incredible how can you write (um, amend?) that well with all those Little People running around. You're awesome!

I've been to his grave but can't tell you where he grew up other than a vague "New England". No extra credit for me.

Rebekah said...

I just so enjoy thinking about things other than what's for supper. The extra credit actually refers to someone who thinks "crayon" rhymes with "divan."

lisa said...

I hear it's called a patina :)

San Fran my friend.
Do I win a cookie? How about some Lussekatter?
(Nursing munchies) :(

Rebekah said...

:D Never even been there. I'll give you a cookie though anyway next time you're here.

lisa said...

Cookie, yay :)
San Fran, no? :( You meant you, not Frost? I thought I was being all tricky, since HF is right - he was reared in Mass BUT born in CA.

Well, a cookie is a cookie. :D

Rebekah said...

I did mean me. Man, I'm hard to follow. Frost would never have "depart" and "part" masquerading as a respectable rhyme.

Gauntlets said...

That "crayon" was a tricky bit. I had actually to think, and what the heck? :D

lisa said...

Ahem. Yorkie?

I like how "art" is so much rhymier than "my-kids-jumping-up-and-down-upon-said-couch", because that is SURELY how our beloved sofa will end. You know. The second time.


Rebekah said...

Cheater. I already promised you a cookie anyway. :D

lisa said...

Hey, we're one flesh. It's like peeking at my own paper ;P

Erich Heidenreich, DDS said...

Hmmm... witty poetry and prose talking about art, parenting, the apocalypse, the eschaton, children, etc....

I think the following employment of double entendre (a.k.a. adianoeta) found in Fr. Golden's recent blog post fits well here, reflecting the perspectives of both the infant and the toddler:

“We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be

Anonymous said...

Could your hometown be Davenport, Iowa? It's such a couchy name for the over 50 set.

Rebekah said...

In fact, I was born in Iowa and lived there until I was four. Not sure where that state would come down in this debate: I have taken much guff as an upper Midwesterner from westernmore Midwesterners for my pronunciation of crayon as CRAN rather than CRAY-on.

Anonymous said...

My college chum pronounces it "crown".

Netter said...

I say cran too. Did we grow up together?