06 March 2009

Trust not in doctors, they are but mortal . . .

"When I was 18, I went to evil medical school . . ."

This ties in nicely with the previous post, I think.

The conversation I had with my doctor, whom I really like, during my prenatal check this morning went something like this:

Doctor (D): Wow! Less than one week out!

Me: That's right.

D: Are you ready to be done?

Me: Um . . . well . . . who's to say?

D: Ha, ha! So, when would you like to schedule your induction?

Me: Ah . . . what?

D: I'm going to be leaving for vacation next week, on the 13th. I'd like to deliver you myself, you know? So when would you like to schedule? In case you don't pop before then?

Me: Ah . . . well . . .

D: Tell you what, I'll go ahead and see what the hospital has open and we'll go from there!

(she leaves)

D: Well, the hospital is all booked on inductions except for one slot next Tuesday morning. I went ahead and scheduled you for then.

Me: That's the day before I'm due.

D: That's right.

Me: I . . . I'm sorry, but I'm very hesitant to be induced that early.

D: . . .

From there we had a tense, though polite conversation about my thoughts, blah, blah, blah. It was a lot of fun. We ultimately decided to let things progress as they will until at least 41 weeks, whereupon one of the "associates" will induce if necessary. I'm sorry for myself, as of all the doctors I've had I like this one the most. I'm sorry for the doctor, as I'm pretty sure she has the best of intentions, and really does want to deliver her own patients instead of handing them over to the "associates." But . . . seriously?

Let the good times roll.


Rebekah said...


I'm sorry, friend. :(

Joy said...

I made the mistake of falling madly in love with my OB, and with Girls 2 & 3, she was out of state my 41st week. But my body can take a punch, and I got my own OB both times. They just don't get it, do they? Why would anyone CHOOSE to be pregnant past 40 weeks?

Ruthie said...

Honestly, sounds like a horrible doctor that does not read the research! Pitocin has risks.

Is it too late to find a new care provider?
I would not be induced, even at 41 weeks, unless medically indicated.

MooreMama said...

fwiw, My Dr told me that he would let me go as long as I wanted as long as it wasn't past 41 weeks. ;)

Not that it really mattered since I let the neuroses take hold and scheduled my induction for 39 weeks.
With Pitocin.
And an epidural.
And my baby's birthday was awesome (anyway).

Pr. H. R. said...

We've been very fortunate with two inductions that went well at 41 weeks (or at least they said it was 41 weeks). We don't plan on rolling the dice again. If the baby wants to wait, the baby shall wait.

What if they gave an induction and nobody came. . .


Rebekah said...

I believe those were drug-free inductions, weren't they, Rev HR? Still risky, though.

If only our choices of medical providers were really as free as the books imply. Alas, we've all got to live somewhere. Or nowhere.

Joy said...

HRC, if you have a nice doctor and you're not past 42 weeks, you get sent home with a baby in your belly.

Ruthie's right--Pit has a black box label. I chose an early induction with my first. It never occured to me that if something went wrong it'd be my fault; I was simply determined to control anything I could control. Thankfully, Claire came through in good shape but I did not. Rebekah nailed it in another post: guilt is forgiven and shame covered, but regret lasts. I still don't like being pregnant, but I've learned to trust God's timing!

Gauntlets said...

Ruthie: Thanks for your concern. :) She's actually just a doctor, like all the other doctors I've had so far (this one makes seven, all told). They manage people because they don't know any other way. Rather worthy of pity, if you think about it. As for me: I'm beginning to feel my oats, so don't worry just yet. ;)

RE: Induction: There are problems on the other end, of course.

I have larger babies; I am not a big person. This baby promises to be my largest thus far. My husband was a huge baby, his brothers enormous. Some of my cousins needed their clavicles broken in the birth canal so as not to kill their mothers. I know of women who live with chronic back pain from dislocated pelvises caused by the birth of their precious monsters. Etc.

The only way to know if a baby "can" be born is to give it a go. But childbirth is still pretty deadly, all things considered. I'm cool with induction, just not Pitocin-only early induction to accommodate a doctor's vacation. Know what I mean, Vern?

Anonymous said...

Screw doctors. Get the real deal and go with a midwife!

Rebekah said...

Dear Anon,

It's so easy to say "get a midwife," and so hard to find one in so many places in this great land. Yes, really.

Cordially yours.

Pam said...

Yes, Rebekah it is. And it is similarly difficult to find a really supportive doctor, but they ARE out there.

Anon, it has faaar less to do with the particular title of the physician and FAAAR more to do with the person who holds it.

I have large babies and I AM a big person. And still in the last couple cases, it turned out to be the right thing to do to be induced. And yes it was at or after 41wks. I fought it hard, but realized that I was fighting for control, not for the best thing for me and baby, not to mention my poor worried husband.

I will say this, knowing the difference between natural labor and delivery, induced labor with pain relief and induced labor without pain relief... Induction is NOT the same as natural labor, for one thing, and in my case going through the induction without relief slowed progress. While I'd still rather go natural if I could, if it came to inducing for safety I'd do it again-- WITH the epidural. I can do pain, just not the tension that keeps baby from being born. Kinda defeats the purpose, ya know? :)

Reb. Mary said...

Gauntlets, AAAAAAAA! Glad you're feelin' your oats, though. Do not go gently into the bad Pitocin. Or whatever verse applies here :)

Be it resolved: Doctors shall henceforth not vacation.

Jody S. said...

After having baby pelvis tip: "Reset" your pelvis with the help of your husband: lie on your back with your knees bent. Have your husband put his palm on the inside of one knee and his elbow on the inside of the other knee. Then squeeze your knees together, pressing against the length of your husband's forearm. You may even hear audible pops or other noise as your pelvis goes back into place. You will feel A LOT better after this. (You may also not hear noise or feel a lot of movement.) Repeat as necessary over the weeks of recovery. This is a tip from a former chiropractor and my massage therapist sil. This also works before the baby is born for those of you who have pelvic pain then.

Pam said...

Jody, cool, I can't wait to try it... not that I have a reason to, yet, but... ;o)

Ruthie said...

"She's actually just a doctor, like all the other doctors I've had so far (this one makes seven, all told). They manage people because they don't know any other way. Rather worthy of pity, if you think about it. As for me: I'm beginning to feel my oats, so don't worry just yet. ;)"

I don't have pity on doctors that are too lazy to read the research and practice bulletins of their own union, ACOG.

Every decision is a cost/benefit ratio analysis. I've not read that an induction due to vacation plans has better outcomes than waiting until baby picks their due date w/ another attending ob.

As for birth being risky...it depends on how you define risks. Walking down the street has risks, too. Many, many risks to birth are iatrogenic. Cesareans and inductions have numerous risks as well. There's no risk free way to have a baby.

And those interested in birthing w/ a midwife, there are traveling midwives that will come to you.

Joy said...

I think I'm going to try Jody's tip. I've had chronic hip pain since birthing the 10-pounder in 2005. I was squatting and it went well, but she really messed me up. I will have to ask my chiro if he knows about that maneuver.

Rebekah said...

Ruthie, all the midwives traveled out of my state two years ago when the one next door changed its laws. Midwives and homebirth are not a panacea. :(

Lauriinnc said...

I must say that, in theory, I am thinking that being induced is not always the best. In fact, I do not think a woman's labor has to be "augmented" with extra pitocin either. (I had that a few times because it was "hospital protocol"..do not get me started on that issue!) Labor hurts enough without kicking it up a notch.

That said, I was induced with #8 and #9. It was great. Go into the hospital well rested at 7am, get an epidural and let the induction begin. Had a baby-in-arms three hours later. No stress, no sweat, no tears....I felt babied and pampered.

So why am I secretly hoping I have a natural birth this time? How on earth can I miss that?

Rebekah said...

Lauri, my last two were "natural" inductions--I had my water broken at 41 weeks and was blessed to go straight into terrifyingly precipitous labor without any gadgets or drugs complicating things. Well rested and no waiting around . . . but I still don't ever want to do it that way again. It's just too nervewracking to know that I started this and there's no going back.

Pam said...


I know why you miss that...so do I.

It's that wonderful euphoria of "my-body-knows-what-it's-doing-and-started-this-thing-on-its-own-I-can-handle-THIS-kind-of-pain-baby's-out-it's-over-MAN-I-feel-good-thank-you-Lord-for-that-blessed-relief-and-sweet-joy-and-that-I-can/could/am-FEELING-EVERY-MOMENT-OF-IT!"

aka, feeling the natural pain makes feeling the euphoria all the sweeter.

(One might think it was 'about that time again,' by reading my latest comments, wouldn't one? Hmmmmmmmmm.....)

Lauriinnc said...

Pam..you might be right! There is something very profound about feeling, really feeling you are going to die from the pain and somehow being able to "just do it!" anyway. From this horrific pain comes this precious, sweet, beautiful new person to cherish!

Ruthie said...

Rebekah, yes homebirths and mw are not for everyone. But, if anyone is interested, there are traveling mw who will come to you. There are options.
If it came between an unnecessary cesarean or traveling out of state or hiring an out of state mw, I would not take the cut. And since 50% of hospitals have bans on vbac, it's hard to get a good birth (I had a primary c/s).

It's hard to be a sister of perpetual parturition w/ all cesareans, ya know??