16 March 2009

I am a pig.

My table manners are terrible. I can't remember how decent people eat. We were at some banquetish type thing a while ago, accompanied by a totally inappropriate baby, and my husband had to give me a friendly reminder that if I ate my salad with the fork I just picked up I was going to be really sad come dessert time. I also always forget to put my napkin on my lap, because at home I'm up and down throughout the meal and/or I've got a baby sitting on me. In fact, at our house you pretty much only get a napkin if you spill something. So anyway, if you ever have the misfortune of eating in my presence, I apologize in advance for being a slob.


Sarah D said...

Oh, good, I was starting to think you went all prim and proper on me.

I used to get annoyed at mom b/c she never sat down during dinner. I now get it. I try, but undoubtedly, something will need my prompt attention.

Dakotapam said...

See, now I'm the manners police here. I grew up in a completely and totally dysfunctional family in California no less. But, oddly enough, we always ate dinner together. Table manners were so ingrained in me that placing a napkin on my lap is pure instinct. Now, dh's family is much healthier, but less formal with dinner.

SInce I'm the cook, I win. We eat together at a table, nearly every night. There are cloth napkins (they are not pretty and they no longer match...but once you go to cloth the paper things are awful!), and there are pretty strict rules in regards to language and behavior. I think I'm doing my boys a favor, they will never have to be embarrassed when invited over to a future girlfriend's home.

It is hard, and it takes planning ahead, but a mother can sit through and entire meal. I learned to anticipate needs...such as the thirstiest child gets a very large glass, and the messiest child gets pre-cut food, naughtiest child sits next to Dad.

Bon Appetit!

Sarah D said...

@Dakotapam. Funny you say a mom can sit thru the whole meal.

Just w/in the past couple weeks I have become a little bit of a proper dinner manners gal regarding the kids not expecting me to get up once I sit down unless it is an absolute emergency and I determine that fact.

I like the cloth napkin idea.

Joy said...

Rebekah, you are so forgiven! I scarf it down FAST because someone always needs something, and the man usually isn't home.

Gauntlets said...

Who eats at the table? Let them all eat over the sink, says I. ;)

Dakotapam said...

Ahh, see if the man is not home...all bets are off and dinner consists of whatever one can grab from the pantry...not sure why that is...but I hate cooking for the kids sans hubby. Odd hang up, yes?

Reb. Mary said...

Oh, the memories! High school sports camp...a fiendish athletic director infamous for "up-downs," an early morning exercise that in one fell swoop covered the range of motion from pushup to jumpup.

I share this nostalgic moment here because it's perhaps the most apt description of what mealtimes hereabouts have been like lately. :P

Pam said...

I have that hangup too, DP. If he's not here to eat it, why cook? The kids are happy with whatever we can scrounge, then I cook for myself when they're done and off to other things.

Although dh's absence from a meal is rarer than it used to be. Yay!