16 March 2009

Hot and haute, hwat?

Hey, Mom . . .

Are you frustrated with today’s maternity fashions?

Are you angry about that dress that looked so promising, but no longer conceals your immense Baby Boulder?

Would you prefer to avoid what many know as the Belly Creep?

How embarrassing. And on the red carpet, too.

Have we got a product for you!

If you’re searching for an easy way to keep your stretching skin covered during ALL TEN MONTHS of pregnancy, call now and order our new beautiful, popular, totally chic Belly Creep Preventer!

"I couldn't live without my Preventer!"

The new Belly Creep Preventer fits, yes FITS for the duration of your long, long pregnancy!

"Thank you, Preventer, for helping me look so hot!"

Our innovative, fashionably flirtatious fabrics allow you to breathe easy and move with swish and flair, even while great with child! And there’s no fussy washing for you! Just hang your Belly Creep Preventer in the shower and rinse!

"I'm the envy of all my friends!"

What’s more, the Belly Creep Preventer makes men swoon. Your husband is going to love this outfit, girls! Guaranteed!

For the low, low price of ten (10) high quality chocolate bars, you, too, can unashamedly leave the house while really, really pregnant and still look totally, amazingly, stunningly good. Don’t hold back; order two! Call now, and call often. Operators are standing by.

Psst . . . If anyone happens to be in the market for maternity clothes, I did find a pair of jeans that both fit and stay up even during those final precarious weeks. Keep an eagle eye and you'll hit a good sale, especially if you shop in-store.


Rebekah said...


Marie said...

Ha, ha! You didn't mention it's doubling as a baby/toddler carrier- just stuff them in and tow 'em out!

Dave said...

Very interesting fashion statement... who was the red carpet babe. ;-)


Reb. Mary said...

But what would be the fun of a pair of maternity jeans that actually fit--what would I do with all that time that I usually devote to hiking up my pants in the ninth and tenth months?

Joy said...

Perfect. I'll take the green one--it's got the most hip room.

At least you KNOW this baby is coming in March. My second was due late July and came August 9. For roughly 5 weeks I listened to "Aren't you due this month?" and "Why are you still pregnant?" and "Weren't you due last month?" I got smart with #3 and told everyone I was due the next month, and it wasn't a lie.

MooreMama said...

Where's you find those lovely models? And did they get to take home the samples?

On the jeans - most of mine were the kind with a sort of extra wide elastic band (maybe 4 inches or so?) that just rolled itself down in the final months. but they were especially lovely during the post partum time when I discovered that they worked like a built in girdle... and I maybe still wear them... on occaision... :)

Michelle in NM said...

I think the answer to your questions, would be Kate Hudson.

But of course all of us wives look that great in our pregnant glory, don't we Dave? - Answer carefully or you may be in trouble :).