19 March 2009

The father hen will call his chickens home

God uses avian imagery self-referentially enough to make you notice.

We are not birds.

Obviously reptiles are out. Mammals seem a more intuitive trope, and we have the Lion of Judah and the Lamb of God. Maybe the struggles of our ancient fathers precluded further expansion on that theme. I don't think that's the only reason, though. The idea of being hidden in the shadow of His wings, being covered with His feathers, is curiously comforting.

Not to mention this.


MooreMama said...

Father Hen? Is that like a Daddy Cow?

Just wondering. (sorry, that's as far as I got...)

Gauntlets said...

Also a useful metaphor given the method of avian birth. Perhaps not, but I've been giving this some thought of late.

Again. Get out of my head.

Rebekah said...

MooreMama, that's from Johnny Cash

Gauntlets, I've always been partial to the marsupial approach.

Joy said...

You know, a bloody chest isn't a terrible exaggeration... not with my first anyway.