12 March 2009

Crazy like me

Still here, in case you're wondering.*

I came across this article on the politics of nursing and it set me thinking: I'm crazy, you're crazy, that one over there is totally crazy--and though it nuances differently we get along all right.

The author of that article is a whole different kind of crazy, and not because she isn't gung-ho on breastfeeding. She's mainstream crazy. I remember meeting people like her back in college. I practically was people like her back in college. I was rescued, for reasons unknown.

All told, I'm glad to be CSPP crazy. :D Solidarity, ladies.

P.S.-- The article contains a smattering of PG-13 verbiage toward the end. Heads up.

*Cool baby ticker. I think the programmers really ought to rewire it a bit. Give the baby a monocle once it passes the due date, or something.


Rebekah said...

Hey, I just read this too! Just another piece of evidence for my post on the impossibility of getting apolitical information in the gravida/lactans departments. :P

Joy said...

Mmmmm...coconut cream pie.

Even if there were no health benefits for baby or mother, I'd still do it because I'm a cheapskate and it's the Lord's order.

Liz said...

Um... WOW! Isn't it sad how our sinful nature causes us to seek justification from the world? I just wanted to shake that writer and say, "Why do you care so much what other people think of you?"

Marie said...

(Writing while nursing...) It's crazy how, when it comes down to it, the author doesn't like breastfeeding because it makes her feel "unequal" to men. It's so sad that the norm of today is that men and women expect to be equal, instead of distinct and complimentary. My husband actually says he feels inferior in a way because he can't nurse and comfort our babies in the same way I can. That sure made me feel nice=)

Pam said...

huh, since when did nursing mean one has to be half-naked??

That part I don't get.

And I guess I don't care what one person's collection of 'evidence' says, since I know how the studies and stats are manipulated... like the fact that we never hear about how parturition and lactation greatly reduce the risk of some female cancers, for example. Or that the pill/patch INcrease that risk. huh.

Lauriinnc said...

In the WIC office once, I read an article that explained for each year of breastfeeding your risk of breast cancer decreases.

Here is a link:

This explains 4% less risk for each baby born + 7% for each year of nursing....um why have doctors been freaking out about me having a mammogram since the day I turned 35 then? Do they not know?

I did finally get one last year to shut them up..the only time I ever even had an opportunity..but not again. I am sure some of you are in the same boat as me!

Beth said...

Ooh, I just came across this cartoon (does it say too much about me that I read that blog??) that references this article.

here is the cartoon: http://www.mama-is.com/unbelievable-hypocrisy/

here is the post with her opinion: http://www.mama-is.com/the-case-against-breastfeeding-by-hannah-rosin/

She does have some good points. And yes, I still have grey matter all over my keyboard from reading that article. Blech.