27 March 2009


BabyBoy pulled Mornings like This (Annie Dillard's book of found poems) off the shelf this morning. Of course I was unable to resist flipping through it before replacing it. The following, which Dillard culled from Charles H. Cugle's 1936 Practical Navigation, seems appropriate to the day:

Signals at sea

(If the flags in A's hoist cannot be made out, B keeps her answering pennant at the "Dip" and hoists the signal "OWL" or "WCX.")

CXL Do not abandon me.
A I am undergoing a speed trial.
D Keep clear of me--I am maneuvering with difficulty.
F I am disabled. Communicate with me.
G I require a pilot.

P Your lights are out, or burning badly.
U You are standing into danger.
X Stop carrying out your intentions.
K You should stop your vessel instantly.
L You should stop. I have something important to communicate.

R You may feel your way past me.

Can you hear me now?


Reb. Mary said...

Hmm. Poetically speaking, there's supposed to be more space between the letters and the words. But I'm too far asea to fix it at the moment ;P

Rebekah said...