20 May 2013

The old Must Be Nice

You know, you work real hard on something basically pointless like your kid's braids or a cake or the Valentines or some other mother's child's costume for the play and every once in a while some jerk comes around and takes a look and then compliments you by saying, "Must be nice to have time for stuff like that!"




But actually, it is nice to have time for stuff like that. Thank you God and, to the extent that he will allow me to credit him,  husband. 

It's not my fault people like that are jerks, and if they dropped off their kid at my house in the morning I'd braid that scraggly kid too (solely as a favor to the kid, however).


Amber Goodman said...

I've been on both sides of this. Wishing I had time to do all the awesome things for my kids while being jealous of those that could and then having the time and hearing people put down my overabundance of "spare" time.

Rebekah said...

I only really mind when it's said to me by someone whose clothes were obviously not purchased at Goodwill. :P

Barb the Evil Genius said...

Sometimes I am jealous of families with working moms that get to go on Disney vacations and buy lots of new clothes and have more than one car. But ultimately I wouldn't change my choices, and I imagine they wouldn't change theirs.

Marie M said...

Would it be really evil to answer, " It is really nice. In fact, it's really much nicer than anything money can buy." I guess that would seem judgemental. Hmm.