29 April 2013

Name it and claim it

I spent the first seventeen years of my life meeting only three people with my name. Then in my first week at Seward I met about 35 other Rebekahs and Rebeccas, in addition to a huge surplus of Rachels and Sarahs. Apparently the matriarchs were the baby girl names to be had among families with a heavy investment in LCMS culture from 1975-1985.

I bring this up because if families with a heavy investment in LCMS culture are still sending their kids to Concordias 10 years from now, I think the places will be overrun by Anastasias, Marys, Evangelines, and Lilys.


Emommy said...

Love it! Our first daughter is Clara Mary Evangelina. If this baby is a girl, we're leaning toward Anastasia or Ana. Unique in Lutheran circles? Um, no. But good meanings...and they sound purty (at least when there aren't zillions of others around). :)

Katy said...

Mary is making a comeback? I don't know any babies named Mary except my own. I love all the Mary references in nursery rhymes and old songs.

My daughter suggested Beatrice (nickname Beezus) yesterday (I said maybe Trixie or Bea for a nickname, not Beezus).

(Not pregnant--baby names are a favorite topic around here.)

So is Paul up-and-coming, too? Or John? I'm not in any Concordia loops, except for my church. Our Robert only has old men who say "Hey, we're name twins!" (And they say that.)

Rebekah said...

I have a Mary and know or know of several others. I also know a Beatrice; she's a gem. ;) And I totally agree with Gauntlets whenever it was she said that Christians giving their kids Christians names is good and who cares if they all use the same five ones over and over.

Not sure about boys. I'm inclined to say the prophets are catching up some with the apostles.

Rebekah said...

You know what the old timey Lutherans used to use a lot for a girl name was Concordia. But I think now it might be under CPH copyright.

Untamed Shrew said...

Our first son is Paul. It's still like a breath of fresh air to me: it's not over-used, everyone knows how to say and spell it, and it's not Polycarp. Every time I push for a Biblical girl name, my husband trumps me. But he totally got his way with son #2, so that gives me more leverage for the next one (DV), right?

Melrose said...

My husband likes Moses Melchizedek Melanchthon. As in, first, middle, middle. So far he has not gotten his wish. :p

But I was shocked to see Anastasia on your list. I have never heard that name ever except the legendary Anastasia and then my husband chose it for our miscarried baby since it means Resurrection. I guess it's more Lutheran than I thought!

I have two girl names I've been going nuts to use. Maybe one day. :)

Katy said...

A family at our church named their son Samuel Gerhardt. I wish I hadda thought of that (although my husband doesn't like the name Samuel)

Johann Sebastian is an option, although the mister and I disagree over plain John or Johann (he does not want a Hans Hopkins).

Rebekah said...

I have an Anastasia and know or know of several others (including yours, Melrose).

(I do not have an Evangeline or a Lily.)

Gauntlets said...

This is really making me wonder why Evangeline Lilly isn't a nice Lutheran girl.

I agree that the OT is really outflanking the NT in the name department. But even the OT is being outflanked by all the Teagan/Meagan/Heagan/Peagan out there.

Girls, I've been arguing myself hoarse trying to get my husband to agree to three middle names for our eagerly expected baby, but he thinks it's just too much. Men these days. ;D

Gauntlets said...

By the by, do we all remember this thing this thing? Pretty fun little toy for those of us who love piecing together names. And who doesn't?

Ewe said...

I didn't know very many Rachels as I grew up in Southern IN, those that I did know usually were spelled differently. There were lots of Jennifers and Michelles though.
Then in Lutheran high school there were 6 Rachels in one girls PE class of 20 girls total! In college there were two jobs processing books at the library so we had Rachel 1 and Rachel 2.
Joshua is a family name and we had no idea it was so popular until after he was named. John was also a family name and when he was born the nurses in the small town hospital were impressed with that choice-it has turned out unique for this generation. The nurses commented that it was a strong name. Nathan was just a name we liked and not another J name. Neither my husband or I had any friends named Nathan as we grew up-a few Nates, but not Nathan. Now everyone has Nathan and we are often asked if it is Nathan or Nathaniel.
We did OT, NT, OT and if we have another one we plan NT.
I agree with Anastasia, Mary, and Lily, but I don't know anyone named Evangeline or even a variation as a first name.
30 years ago my aunt thought my parents were cruel for naming my sister such an old fashioned name as Hannah-she hadn't heard anyone with that name except for women older than my aunt. So I don't think it matters what you call your kid, just the fact that you use a name makes it bound to be popular for others their age by the time they get to college!

The Rev. BT Ball said...

I know an Evangelina Elizabeth - my niece!

Greek names for girls are best.

Ones that mean - Wisdom, Truth, Peace.

Rebekah said...


Aubri said...

I'm expecting another baby in November, husband really wants Girl first name "Mercy". I'm inclined toward "Oh please no." on that one, but is it that bad?

With all the Graces, Faiths, Hopes out there, what's a little Mercy? Any thoughts on this one ladies? My mind could use some easing!

Katy said...

Haha, Aubri. I was going to post something about the English Puritan tendency to name their girls after virtues. Tell him you like Temperance or Prudence better. Or you could go for a Faith, Hope and Charity combo, then the next two girls's names are already chosen. A friend of mine's husband is from a family of 12 with four boys and he's one of the four Gospels (Matthew).

etem said...

also noted:

karis (or version of it)

the new baby across the street who shall, god willing, be baptized sunday is called ja'aliyah. i don't see that taking missouri by storm. but gauntlets hasn't decided on a full name yet, right?

Gauntlets said...

Well ... we're keeping the name selections more Japhetic this go around. But Ja'aliyah would certainly keep our spelling skills keen. :D

Rebekah said...

Mercy, yes. I like it. God bless you, Aubri.


Angela said...

I argued for "Condordia" last time, thinking a "Cora" would sound nice with her sisters Ella, K├Ąthe, and Thea. Husband was not convinced, but it was moot; we got a Willem instead - apparently babies also come in "boy."

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