31 January 2013

Blue room

Somebody tell the passionate housewives desperate for God: I finally painted a room in my house. I can't claim it was for a love of beauty; on the other hand, maybe a disgusted surrender to indisputable unsightliness counts for something.

I had some blue paint, so I used it. I think I did an OK job for somebody who was too scared to look at How To Paint Dot Com before trying to paint something. Ignorance is the gift that keeps on giving.

At long last, the point: now I walk into that room and think, "Why is this room blue?" which (substituting in the relevant color) is what I always think any time I walk into a room that isn't white.

I just don't get it.


Mary P said...

I really went wild when painting my "new" house (which was built in the 50's) Instead of painting everything white like I usually would, I painted everything a light beige. Hmmm. Should stuck with white. White - the one constant.

Katie said...

When are you going to come over and wonder at my cornmeal walls?

Melrose said...

I was up in the middle of the night not nursing but just having peed for the millionth time when the white walls in my living room suddenly bothered me. I think I"m going for some kind of soothing green/blue thing. It helps that soon one of the walls will have a canvas portrait of my family at the beach taken by my sister photographer so that with a few decorations I bought at hobby lobby and pier 1 have created a beachy look. It doesn't look as random if you can come up with a few things that support the color. :)

Rebekah said...

MaryP, an inobtrusive color in every room wouldn't throw me too much.

Katie, as soon as it gets warm. :P

Melrose, I know it's the done thing, but I just can't bring myself to pay money for something that serves purely as ornamentation.

Melrose said...

Goodwill can be your best friend. :) or garage sales. then again there's always the 3 yr old's art. :D Here, kid, paint Mama some ocean animals! Frame w. dollar store frames and viola.

You know, it's OK to spend money some times assuming you're not taking from the table to make things beautiful. God Himself obviously loves beauty and didn't hold back in His creation. But I remember my step mom had a very creative decorating sense. She grew up in a VERY poor home and during spring/summer she would find fields of wild flowers and gather bunches and hang them to dry. She would tie beautiful ribbon she had found or collected around the bouquets and hang them on the walls or put them in vases and put the vase on a little shelf hung on the walls. She would also press them in a giant book when they were fresh until they dried and then frame them behind glass w/ a decorative background of some kind. Anyways, surely there are websites to all these free ideas. :)