05 November 2012

Poured from a steady hand

The other day, I sat and rocked my baby for an entire hour. My fifthborn—can you imagine? I just sat, and rocked him.

The big boys were happily occupied at school a few blocks away. The preschooler was pleased to have the play-doh all to himself. The toddler was taking a much-needed nap. And the overtired baby just couldn’t get to sleep.

The appliances were doing my work for me: clothes swished in the washer; potato soup bubbled in one crockpot while yogurt did its magical thing in the other; an oatmeal loaf was rising in the machine.

So I snuggled my nursling under a fleece blanket, and he settled, and sighed, and periodically shuddered in utter contentment. The autumn rain spattered on the panes, and the leaves swirled wetly down in clumps.

I was fighting one of those two-day headaches, which precluded reading, so I listened to the rain, I watched the leaves, I breathed the soft-sweetness of the warm weight in my arms.

And I thought,
My life is impossibly rich.

In that day, in that week, that hour was the eye of a hurricane: a temporary calm bracketed by swirling, buffeting activity that seemed certain to inundate me.

How soon I forget: the raging waters that threaten to overwhelm me spill from my overflowing cup. Sometimes, it feels as though the ludicrous Generosity that poured these blessings upon me was so rashly lavish that the sloshing will never subside. But our Lord is no careless server; His hand is steady. Once, and only once, was the water poured abundantly enough to drown me—so that forever after the waves may hold for me no ultimate fear.

Temporarily overwhelmed by the waves? Often, to be sure. But also—pure grace-gift in odd and unplanned moments—
unexpectedly and heart-swellingly overwhelmed by the impossible richness of this crazy, crazy life.


Emommy said...

"How soon I forget: the raging waters that threaten to overwhelm me spill from my overflowing cup." Our crosses overflow, and His Cross overflows us. Just right, Reb. Mary. Thank you.

Rhonda said...

Well said. Love it.

Emily Cook said...

This is beautiful. And these moments are beautiful.

Grace. Sustaining, glorious grace.

thank you for this.

Louise said...

Amen. He richly and daily provides me with all I need.

Cathy said...

Beautiful. Thank you so much.

Untamed Shrew said...

I had a moment like that with my firstborn, about 11.5 years ago. And I still cherish it. :`)

Leah said...

True. :)

Monique Miller said...

This is really beautiful. Thank you, friend.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for putting this beautiful feeling into words! We think about you and yours often and I wish I was better at keeping in touch!=) God bless you all! Marie