24 October 2012


that a tree would work so hard to generate so many of something so large, and so utterly useless.


Rev. David M. Juhl said...

Not so. Hedge Apples (Osage Oranges) are cricket deterrents. Put them in your basement and say goodbye to crickets.

etem said...

I hate those things. I'd rather have crickets (their little violins!).

The Rev. BT Ball said...

Juhl, if you are going to go all old wives' tales it is spiders that osage oranges chase away, not crickets!

Melrose said...

I learned something new tonight :) I had no idea what that was!

Untamed Shrew said...

My mil uses them in her basement too, as dehumidifiers.

Anonymous said...

It's gorgeous. I want a crate of them.

How much for a crate of those glorious orbs shipped to Wyoming ?


Rebekah said...

Cynthia, they're looking pretty grungy around here this late in the season, but next year I'll address a flat rate box to Cynthia, WY.

I'm pretty sure all the arthropod stuff originated on a homebirth message board.

Anonymous said...

It's gorgeous. I want a crate of them.


What do you think people did before Hobby Lobby?

They used natural stuff for home decor.