08 April 2012

Raise Thou our hopes of endless light

As with rosy steps the morn,
Advancing, drives the shades of night,
So from virtuous toil well-borne,
Raise Thou our hopes of endless light.
Triumphant saviour, Lord of day,
Thou art the life, the light, the way!


Untamed Shrew said...
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Untamed Shrew said...

She is one of the most under-celebrated sopranos: clean, polished control, seemingly effortless lines, yet full of artistry and pathos -- something lacking in many singers.

It is the hope of every Christian mother that her children would walk as children of light, endless light. Yes, Lord, please raise my little hopes! You are the only Way!

Heather said...

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etem said...

she was a great mezzo.