28 April 2012

Elisabeth Badinter and CSPP, together at last

No wonder I dropped out of Attachment Parenting ™ ®. It's caused by contraception.


Gauntlets said...


Gauntlets said...

By which I mean, everything methodish (or Methodist, if you'd rather) works just so well for people whose kids are "spaced," by contraception or no. I don't really think about whether I'm Attached, but I feel so sad and guilty that we can't homeschool classically. And why can't we? Because there are two babies and one preschooler in our house all the time, forever (DV, of course). And because I'm one of those terrible, tepid creatures who gets morbidly ill when pregnant.

Great job to everyone who can do it, though, whatever it is. You're sure doing it. I really support you.

Katy said...

What Gauntlets said. Also, I think the cosleep vs. not-cosleep argument (and the not-having-sex-with-sleeping kids-nearby, or husbands-grossed-out-by-lactating-breasts) exists only in the modern West. You think Pa and Ma Ingalls got a hotel for the night to conceive Baby Grace? (Reading The Little House books as an adult is a completely different experience than reading them at 8.)

Then again, the millions of mothers and wives who lived their whole lives in single room homes probably would jump at the chance to put baby far away in a nursery and get some privacy and sleep. Provided they lived in the tropics or had central heating, so baby wouldn't succumb to cold.

(sorry for being all hyper-hypheny)

Anonymous said...

Eh, the La Leche League gets a bit of a bad rap in the article. I couldn't breastfeed my first and pumped milk for him mostly cuz I was cheap and didn't want to buy formula. Anyway, the lady at the meeting really helped me and I was able to nurse my second one easily. She gave me all the correct info to get off to a good start but she also gave me confidence. I would say she is actually one of people who most influenced me in my life. Just a very special person and I only spent a few hours with her all totaled. So La Leche League does connect people and it is a good support group. I really loved those ladies. If some of the people in La Leche are nuts, well, so what. Heck, some Lutherans are nuts. Not most. Not representative, but every group's got 'em. It is a shame when a good organization gets nuts at the top.

Melrose said...

Gauntlets, I just now realized I have two babies in the house. It took me 4 kids close together to realize why I was always so angry at the second youngest poor dear...because in my mind he wasn't a baby anymore and gosh darnit why was he always crying at me to hold him, doesn't he know I have a BABY to take care of?! Oh yea, cause he IS a baby. My second youngest just turned 2 a couple months ago. Now that I've made peace that he is still a baby and still needs his mama to hold him, my home is a much happier place. doy.

Anyways, you're way more classical than you let yourself believe. :) Your just that kind of woman. Classical that is. So naturally your kids will be classically schooled :). see?

Cathy said...

Rebekah, I had never heard of her or it, so thank you for some interesting reading. My three red flags about AP: marginalized fathers, the illusion of control, and the back to the garden-ish feel.
Gauntlets, With two babies, and a toddler or two in the mix, I did simple everything: simple home schooling, simple cooking, etc. If everyone got fed and clothed it was a good day, and clothed sometimes meant pajamas all day. But adults now work from home on their laptops in their pj's, so I was actually preparing my kids for the wave of the future.
Katy, I knew I liked that pioneer spirit.
Melrose, It really does take pressure off to know you have two babies. My husband and I eventually referred to all our youngest kids as 'the babies' as in, "You big kids get all the babies in the van, and don't forget the diaper bag(s)."
Blessings to all of you.

Gauntlets said...

Thank you, Melrose. You are kind to say so. :)