28 September 2011

For three headlines I am disquieted, and for four which I cannot bear:

1. Rich person pursues random feat ad absurdum

2. Female celebrity appears in meretricious dress

3. Thing happens on TV show

4. Israel can't get along with neighbors


Anonymous said...

It doesn't surprise me when celebrities are dressed promiscuously. I mean.. don't all celebrities?

What is very disheartening is when Christian women dress this way.

When visiting another "confessional" Lutheran church, I witnessed two women that were hardly dressed at all, much less dressed for church. One woman was the wife of the congregational pres. and the other was actually serving on the altar guild.

Very disturbing.

Both these women were over 50. Which made the experience also gross.

Both these women's daughters were also present in church and their daughters were dressed more modestly than they were. Sad.

Damn Boomers, when will they get it.

etem said...

you missed a really important one:

"sports player has cut his hair"

Rebekah said...

Good point, etem. Also, "Study might indicate something."

Anon, you wish you had those curves. (Actually, I think dressing like that over 50 usually means, "Look, I'm not fat!")

Heather Best said...

Ha! Well, just to throw in some truly original news, this was the top story in our news tonight "Toe Suck Fairy caught". If you want the scoop, google the headline and add the word Arkansas. I mean honestly, where else would this have happened?!

etem said...


"study might not indicate something"

Melrose said...

Rebekah, you are my new best friend. HAHAHAHAHA Thanks for the best laugh I've had all day. And I'm referring to your response to anon.

HappyFox said...

"Meretricious" - we had to look that one up. Great word!