31 August 2011

I have arrived

I'm at that point where I would really like to know why I was complaining about being huge at Easter.

Too big to live, I cry to my husband. Nay, says he: too big to fail.

You pitiful, insignificant fools!


Gauntlets said...


Katy said...

My daughter yesterday, while kissing the new baby (still in utero), noticed a particulary red stretch mark very high on my abdomen, and after examining it, announced I was going to split open, like that watermelon that exploded last week.


Rebekah said...

Not to lay it on too thick, Gauntlets, but the waves obey my every whim.

:D Katy

Leah said...

About six months ago I was there, with what seemed like an eternity left to go. The vivid memory (in mind and body) of that load has hardly yet diminished. Wince.
Good though. :)
I'm feeling for you now, as I type. ;)

Elizabeth said...

I think the picture of Ursula makes this post. But are you really that scary?

Rebekah said...

You'd have to ask the kids. :D

lisa said...

I am with you! Shall I send you my walker when I am done with it?