11 April 2011

Or maybe we're responsible for our own decisions

I'm probably more entertained than I should be by the mysticism attributed to human decision. How many times I've heard a person intone wisely, "When [X applies to you], you'll know," as if some messenger from the world of forms visited her with indisputable tidings of her own personal X. Apparently I too will someday be privy to this sort of occult knowledge, or at least, I guess I should hope so. How embarrassing to be too obtuse to pick up on my own Platonic reality.

There's also, "[Y] was God's way of telling me [Z]." I don't envy anyone her Y or her Z. But even so, who is this coy "God" who drops hints and whispers secrets and speaks in special codes to special people? And when is he going to send me a Valentine?


Rev. Thomas C. Messer, SSP said...

Great post, Rebekah. If it's any consolation, I'm still waiting for my Valentine, too. :)

Emily Cook said...

Every time I hear people talk in such a way I think of the most ridiculous advice I have ever heard on decision-making.

Picture a very serene-looking, content and wise spiritual person saying this to you in all seriousness:

"Just follow the peace."

Funny, in my house full of children, the only peace I can find is far far away from here!

Reb. Mary said...

Hey! This reminds me of a book review I keep meaning to do!

Leah said...

Perhaps you just didn't recognize the Valentine when it was sent? ;) I've probably been to busy doing everyday, real-life tasks that I haven't had time to figure out the secret code that points to mine.

etem said...

i knew there was a reason i went to this blog today.

Rebekah said...

Rev. Messer, I shouldn't be surprised, having spent the Valentine-anxious years of my life getting exactly zero Valentines. :D

Emily, I think if someone said that to me I wouldn't be able to stop myself from laughing.

RM, do it!!

Leah, are you sure your tired feet weren't "God's" way of telling you to sit down and watch Oprah while you smoke a stogie?

etem, I can only apologize for not giving one so awesome as you a reason to visit here every day.

Leah said...

Perhaps they were... I hope whatever I missed on Oprah wasn't essential for living out the rest of my life!