17 November 2010

The warming of legs

Three things happened recently.

1. I came to terms with the fact that my corduroys were too short and the baby hole in my jeans is starting to grow up.

2. I felt again a delusional urge to get beyond sewing flat square things.

3. My husband told me I looked cute in skirts.

And really, wouldn't 3. have been enough? :P

So it turns out skirts are easy to sew*, and you can find these extra long bolts of some kind of plain, heavy fabric at a reasonable price at Walmart. I am sure there is some explanation for their extra longness, but I'll leave that to the real sewing people to understand.

The trouble is that I hate being cold. Really hate it. I also hate tights or any other kind of sartorial crowding. This led me to do what any reasonable person would: I complained about it on somebody else's blog. And behold, the gentle hostess of that blog berated me not, but guided me to a warm place of wonderment, which sent me a pair of leg warmers--are you ready for this?--forty inches long! There wasn't even a shipping charge, but I'll leave that to the real leg warmer people to understand.

It was a false, misleading dream that these leg warmers would not fall down. But I did some surgery on an item facing retirement and I now have reliably warm legs with a tolerable amount of hiking during a day of normal use.

I've mentioned before how the skirt wars make my eyes glaze over, but that there's the story of how I landed on Team Skirt for the time being. I'm confident I'm the warmest member who isn't all bunched up around the middle.

Having gotten a size- and season- appropriate wardrobe figured out for the 34,792th time, I can only wonder if I'll soon have blessed occasion to grow out of it.

*ha ha ha ha ha


HappyFox said...

How did you modify them to reduce the slippage?

Gauntlets said...

Ah ha! That's how you did it! Because, see, I've been staring at this length of elastic wondering what in the heck it thinks it's going to do for me.

Megan173 said...

I love skirts, always have,evidently it's in my DNA, as my mother was the same way when she was young and my four year old daughter will only wear dresses. One day at the Co-op in Ft Wayne I found a fleece skirt. I generally prefer a fuller skirt but this one is WARM. When it was real cold I would wear a pair of the "Cuddle Duds" long underwear under them and a pair of cute snow boots ( yes they exist, I found mine at the co-op too so I don't know where you find them in real life) It worked great in Ft Wayne. But during our year in Wisconsin I did end up turning to the most dreaded of choices... jeans and long underwear, and wool socks.

My other fashion problem is that I really detest socks. But God has been good to me. My husband got a call to Central California, so it's skirts and sandals year around, though my fleece skirt is still nice on the chillier mornings, you know, when it gets into the 40s.

Leah said...

Okay, your and Gauntlets post above are inspiring me into "cuteness".

Rebekah said...

I cut off the elasticky tops to make them into ghetto fabulous garters.

Honestly, it hasn't gotten cold here yet either (52 right now). But the draft is not going to catch me unprepared.

etem said...

welcome to the team. i'm quite sensitive to sartorial crowding/shifting/wrinkling myself and find that for some reason the footless tights are exceedingly better than tights (sideways hem across toes, anyone?) and when you step in the milk you forgot to clean up this morning, there's hardly any crying. and like megan 173, love the cuddle duds. all skirts are hard to sew. especially those "20-minute skirts". if you need any balled-up half-sewn 20 minute skirts, i'll trade for a washer/dryer.

HappyFox said...

Rebekah - That's what I figured, I just couldn't figure out how they'd attach w/o coming apart. No big deal, though, I skipped the leg warmers & just bought socks. :)

Leah said...


My heart sank when I read your comment about WI. See, that's where we're at this year, and I hate long underwear. I was hoping it wouldn't be THAT cold. :P