17 November 2010


Did you know that there aren't any good maternity clothes? That everything affordable is too loose, too tight, too short, or too flummoxingly sexy for any self-respecting old pregnant lady to wear? Of course you knew this. Everyone knows this.

So I done took my problem by the bobbin and built myself a maternity skirt. Leah, you're an inspiration to us all. And it turns out the Internet is a sufficient sewing instructor. If anyone out there is interested in building herself a winter-ready maternity skirt, here are a couple of linked tutorials for you:

Make the skirt. I used an old pair of jeans that fit pre-pregnancy, but which were too high waisted for my pre-pregnancy tastes. For the skirt panels, I used a pair of Dad's old jeans, which he had long ago destroyed doing dad things. The tutorial to which I've linked here suggests putting in only a front panel, but I wanted more A-line, less pencil, so I added an extra-wide panel in the back.

Add a maternity panel. Each of us has a stretchy T-shirt languishing away in the back of her drawer. You know, from those days when we were confused and wore stretchy T-shirts? This sucker longs to be given a more respectable role in your wardrobe. Cut it up.

And then you're done. If you make the skirt long enough, it has enough gumption to keep out the cold. Wear a pair of those long socks Rebekah mentioned a post back, and you'll be happier than a denning polar bear. Without the sleep. So, maybe, not happier, but at least as warm.


HappyFox said...

Very cool. I've given up on maternity clothes & have bought some big jeans & t-shirts. Steve's wearing them now, so I don't know if I'll be able to get them away from him when I really need them.

Leah said...

I was just thinking I wanted some maternity skirts.
Okay, Gauntlets, I got the plan. I teach you knitting. You teach me how to sew. We both eat the apple butter together. Now, my place or yours?

And when I do get some skirts made, I will definitely get some of those leg warmers Rebekah mentioned (since I'm too lazy right now to knit a 40 inch pair!!)

BTW, girls named Leah sure come up with some pretty good ideas, if I do say so myself ;)

Rebekah said...

I like how you rhymed problem with bobbin. But I haven't made my peace yet with maternity skirts . . . is this the time in my life when I need more A-line? And obviously pencil is right out. Really, is it possible for me to be pregnant without looking ridiculous? Why does everyone else look cute pregnant?

etem said...

can someone whip up a solution to the annoyingly short nursing tanks?

Gauntlets said...

Leah: You would definitely get the raw end of the deal, as I'm a solid neophyte when it comes to sewing. You'd do better striking a bargain with Rebekah; she can actually think in numbers. :) However, apple butter carries an anytime, anyplace standing invite. :D

Rebekah: Oh, I'm pretty well certain that I don't look cute. But my beloved lord took all the full length mirrors out of the house a couple years ago, so I can wear anything and be none the wiser. ;)

Leah said...


Simplicity Patterns has a line called "Learn to Sew." Easy skirt pattern there. From my experience, Simplicity gives really good instructions, and you can find all kinds of videos on YouTube to help with something you don't understand.



If you ever run out of stretchy t-shirts, you can actually buy maternity panels to sew into your clothes. I even found them at a nearby 5-and-dime!

Rebekah said...

Gauntlets--yes you do. :P

etem, yes! Get one of these (http://www.motherhood.com/Product.asp?Product_Id=954380110&MasterCategory_Id=MC12) and wear it like a tube top in between the bottom and top layers (either cut off the straps or ignore them). It moves up and down real slick. I have mine on all the time. The one size fits all thing is for real; I wore this all the way through pregnancy and it still fits nice and snuggly now.

Gauntlets said...

etem: I just came across these things. I've not used them myself, but the concept is interesting.

Leah said...

Thank you Leah. I'll check that out. I've actually sewn a few very basic dresses for my daughter, but even then I had to ask my mom how to read practically every step of the the pattern. But now that maternity skirt pattern is making me want to learn to sew FOR REAL.

MooreMama said...

etem - I went to Ross and bought tanks and stretchy tees that were a size too small (I wear a med/large and bought small/mediums) and cut them off. I sewed the bottoms to the bottoms of my favorite two too-short tanks, then got lazy and just cut the others, no hemming or anything, and wear them as belly bands.
The bonus is that they also hold in some of the post-baby flab.

etem said...

thanks for the tank info! hooray! i can't imagine going through a pregnancy/postpartum without constantly tugging at my shirt.and i'm glad that you know what i'm talking about.
if i have occasion to wear them again, i'll be ready :)
i want to personally ask whoever designs those short tanks if they know what they're doing to us.

Katy said...

All this info is very useful. Thank you, ladies.

Elizabeth said...

Hey, CSPP ladies,
I am technologically inept, so I can't figure out how to E-mail you and this is my safest bet. First, I wanted to say that I agree about this "no good maternity clothes" thing. I mourned that all through my first pregnancy and fully expect to through subsequent pregnancies, because I think the companies who make maternity/postpreggo clothes and items are solely in it for the money and have never been pregnant themselves.
Anyway, my husband is struggling through his first year of pastoring and he is just plain overwhelmed. We've both heard the worn out line that he needs to delegate and make time for himself and his family. But we just don't see how that works out in actuality. I was wondering if you wise women have any practical advice for us, especially anything I can do to support my husband. My E-mail address won't show up since it's not a google one but it is elizabeth.meyer@cune.org. Thanks!