24 November 2010

"Acting more like children than children ..."

I came across this somewhere on Facebook a couple of days ago. I L-edOL, but really.

Not one of the CSPP has twins (which is really just another way of saying that not one of us has twins YET), but we're all familiar with that Questions and Statements game. Wow, do people ever love playing it.


Theophil Jones said...

"Yeah, but which one is your favorite?"
"The one who is not screaming."

It's funny 'cause it's true...

Melrose said...

I wanted twins until tonight.

Kristi said...

LOLOL!!! I can laugh about this now, but it used to drive me INSANE when my boys were babies! I was asked EACH AND EVERY one of those questions by COMPLETE strangers, at LEAST 100 maybe more. I'm not exaggerating either! And people STILL question me when they find out they are twins (they are different heights now, so they look different ages).
And when I was pregnant for my daughter people would look at me like I had 4 heads. Your having ANOTHER baby? You wanted a girl right? Were you disappointed when you found out your twins were boys? Oh now you have your girl, your done right?
If they only knew, I would welcome as many more as I could have if it would just HAPPEN!!! :)
Happy Thanksgiving! :)

Michelle in NM said...

ROFL (at the moment at least, until the next time I have one of these conversations) It began even before the twins were born. They are number 3 & 4 and yes, I am frequently told that I'm done. I even had family members ask if I'd have my tubes tied before I brought them home. Freaks of Nature, UNITE!!