25 October 2010

Dorcas, Lydia, and Phoebe

All praise for faithful women,
Whose toilet bowls did squeak,
Who mastered the persimmon,
Who taught the babies Greek,
Who knew crochet from knitting,
Who wigged not out when stressed;
Let us raise props befitting,
Then get that cassock pressed.

You're next.


Katy said...

"wigged not out" lol

Megan173 said...

Thanks for the wonderful beginning to my morning. I think I will be humming this all day long ;)

Gauntlets said...

Crazy mad props for persimmon mastery. I'm still working on mastering the banana.

Glenda said...

I so miss persimmon pudding.

Rebekah said...

I haven't had to master them yet; the babies keep getting to Dad's bags before I do.

Melrose said...

I missed this post! Way to make my night! :)

Angela said...

In think of this every time we sing "By All Your Saints in Warfare",(as we did last Sunday for James) and then I giggle a bit.