02 May 2010

Kindred spirit

Ok, I'm out of the loop like none other so probably the whole world has already seen this, but this performance is such a perfect metaphor for my life. I'm utterly incompetent, but totally into it.

HT: the guy who was going to name his kid the same thing we named our kid (they got a girl).


Gauntlets said...

Now I have the strength to carry on. That was a close one. :D

Untamed Shrew said...

Oh, Johnny boy... that second line is, "When the moon hits your lap like a big piece of crap, that's amore!"

I'm dying laughing. When you see 50 extra hits on your site tomorrow, it's me coming back to this.

lisa said...

Yeh. Mumble mumble mumble - Amore. That's kind of how it feels falling in love too.
What, I'm in love, Oof. How'd this happen? :)

Piano lady's dress: A+

lisa said...

OK - now I'm hooked.
Here - he's serenading you:

Rebekah said...

:D I really, really love John Daker.

Gauntlets said...

OK, seriously there's no way that guy was serious. The joke has got to be on us.

I can't stop watching this. The dishes aren't getting done. I blame the universe.