25 May 2010

But at your word I will let down the nets

This is how I feel.

Oh, the wonderful fish. My purpose and my joy. How can there possibly be so many of them?

But, oh, my nets! And oh, oh, oh, my BOAT! Someone, please come help! Come help me with these glorious fish that are too much for me! My nets are breaking and my boats are sinking and then, then??


Reb. Mary said...

Perfect. This is too perfect.
:D and :O

Gauntlets said...

What you need is a good bail bucket. Let's make sure that bucket is filled with fried chicken. :D

I'm sorry you're sinking, friend. :( Your fish are pure darlings and your net seems to still be doing the trick. As for boats ... well, we'll all be on the bottom of the lake before much longer here, tending the seaweed. :P

Marie said...

YES! Thanks=)

Emily said...


Thank you for giving words to my week.

Rebekah said...

King Christ, this world is all aleak.

Friends, may He keep us all afloat according to His mercy.