04 March 2010

His mercies are new every morning

I mean, can you imagine Lent without bananas?


Gauntlets said...

or grapefruit?

Anonymous said...

- we made doughnuts yesterday - my children can't imagine lent without doughnuts! Debbie S.

Anonymous said...

Oh I almost forgot - today in our homeschool science class we made bubble gum - lent without bubblegum that can never be!
Debbie S.

Rebekah said...

Gauntlets, good point.

Debbie, how do you make bubble gum?

Anonymous said...

We had a kit from National Geographic. It contained some little gum base pellets that you micro-waved with powder sugar. When it softened and got sticky you mixed in Karo Syrup and flavoring. Kneaded it, rolled it out and cut it with the little cookie cutter type molds. Dusted it with powdered sugar and let it dry for 1 hr. It was fun and interesting. Don't know where you can get the gum base pellets. Debbie S