09 February 2010

One for the Green Police

It’s been awhile since we hit the theme of how the hard-core environmentalists have it all wrong when it comes to kids. A few random observations on the topic:

1) Kids are hardwired to reduce, reuse, and recycle. If I want to throw anything, and I mean anything, away, I have to do it surreptitiously or else face the chorus of “Oh! Let’s save that for a craft!”

2) The toddler never throws any one thing in the garbage without taking at least two things out.

3) I don’t know much about Dr. Anderson, but my heart was gladdened to read this and to know that there’s at least one OB/GYN out there who not only gets it, but has the courage to speak up. May the good doctor enjoy eternity in the good company of souls who might not have existed but for his vocational faithfulness.


Gauntlets said...

Thanks for the link to that wonderful article.

And we have that "trash to treasure" problem. If only these babies could find a way to make cash from clunkers, instead of . . . crafts.

Rebekah said...

Wow--awesome doc.

Dakotapam said...

We have trash to treasure here as well...the almost 11 year old is the guilty party.

That article brought tears to my eyes.

My OB is LCMS and knows where I stand on BC...we have a don't ask, don't tell relationship on that one:) Of course, after this last delivery, I'm temporarily or longer changing camps... not a problem since the twins will keep my fertility at bay for quite some time...good little girls...no time for baby making anyway:)

Anonymous said...

My husband and I both loved this article. He said he would like to frame it and give it to each one of our children. It is encouraging to know that this father/dr. has his priorities right and it standing up for what is right. Thanks for sharing it!

On another note I have always told Dr.'s who try to give me their advice/expertise..... I have thoroughly researched what ever he is telling me about and have considered the facts and made my choice but I would be happy to read whatever information he would like to give me and then I would consider what I read. No Dr. has ever given me anything to read.

Debbie Stottlemyer

ekg said...

More of these docs to go around, please.

Thanks for the link Reb. Mary.

Marie said...

Thanks, Debbie, for reminding me to check back here at CSPP=) Maybe it's worth it to drive to that doctor's practice!

Rebecca, when we come on down south, I'll bring along our trash can, and let the children go wild!