19 November 2009

It's a tossup

as to whether I expend more effort undoing what they do, or doing what they undo.

Sure, it was a big rock, and a bit repetitious and discouraging and whatnot, but Sisyphus had only the one task. Mothers find multiple rockslides every time they turn around.


Melrose said...

definitely undoing what they do...then again...ok, definitely a tossup :)

3 loads of laundry, that was the ONLY chore on my list this morning (dishes and reg. clean up of course dont count, that always needs doing) and yet, it took ALL morning just to get that complete because of the disasters I was undoing every 60 seconds.

Reb. Mary said...

Laundry and dishes are decidedly Sisyphean tasks. Some of the other disasters, at least around here, are actually quite predictable, but it's the creative ones that keep life so interesting, no? ;)

Untamed Shrew said...

Can you photoshop in half a dozen chicks pecking at his feet and legs? That's motherhood!