19 October 2009

The problem with sewing machines

is that they're MACHINES.

No fate but what we make for ourselves.


Beth said...

I agree. The problem is that machines require a person to run them.
I'd much rather just say "Sewing machine, Sweetums, would you please sew up a few slings and ponchos for my shop? Thanks so much!" And then I could go make another cup of coffee and put my feet up!
What are you making Rebekah?

Rebekah said...

Beth, I am not cool. I cannot sew. But I cannot stop trying. Let's just say I'm working on a lot of flat square things and trying to maintain my dignity in the process. :P

HappyFox said...


What a great outlook! That's the one I need to adopt and adapt to my parenting, something for which I was not adequately prepared, despite having 39 years of life & 20 years in the Army under my belt. If you don't mind, I'll alter it to something like: "I'm working on a lot of short, wiggly things and trying to maintain my sanity in the process." :)

Rebekah said...

Happy Fox, nice adaptation! :D