28 May 2009


I have no idea what the actual numbers look like, but here in the vortex, it pretty much feels like everybody homebirths and homeschools and homeetc. Since I know some people find an otherwise elusive solidarity here in CSPPville which needn't involve perceived pressure into other parental PACs, I'm going to go on the record and say that if it is of interest to you, my kids go/will go to Lutheran school (our oldest just finished kindergarten, next in line won't be up for another year). Now that our first year of school is over, I find that I haven't said anything about it here. This is both because there isn't a lot to say that I consider to be of broad interest, and also because the things I might be interested in saying are not things I'd be interested in blogging. So, if you're interested, there it is. If you're really interested for some reason, you can always email.


Kelly said...

Faithful Lutheran schools are truly a blessing and unfortunately rare in these parts. The one I attended is now sadly ablaze with praise bands and theistic evolution. Other close parish schools have gone the same direction. While we still have a few years to decide I'm afraid our options will be very limited barring a major geographical relocation. I'm glad your little ones will get to have the wonderful experience a good Lutheran school can provide.

Rebekah said...

Kelly, that is very true. We are very blessed in that the school our children attend is truly Lutheran.

Just as this Lutheran school is the only option for our family right now, I know homeschoolers who would jump at the chance to have a Lutheran school to which they could send their children, at least on a part time basis. None of us are as free as we'd like, and as others would like to believe we are.f

Gauntlets said...

I would jump. I would possibly even jump rope.

But, alas.

Erich Heidenreich, DDS said...

This is the one area in which I am proudly pro-choice. ;-) I support your decision 100%

Pam said...

I'd jump with you, Gauntlets.

My high ideals have gone the way of the way of most everything which makes its way into our home-- chewed up and spit out. And the frustration over a lack of truly Lutheran schools does not erase the stark naked truth that whatever the method of education we choose, I am STILL only. one. person.

Actually, these days I'm ready to jump ship altogether, and pack up the family and whatever fits with us into the van and a travel trailer and hit the road. But that's another story. (One that perhaps would be told without such run-on sentences, wink.)

Rebekah said...

Gauntlets, my experience is that Lutheran schools do make you jump rope. >:(

MooreMama said...

We have (what I'm told is) a pretty good Lutheran school across town and a very good public school about a block away. One the Great Plan is completed (ECD September 2011), there may even be the additional option of homeschooling... It's a good thing that I am 5 years and 3 months away from having to make that decision. I hope that it is a hard one for the same reasons at that time.

Gauntlets - you could come back here. There are 3 houses for sale on my street. Very affordable. Great neighbors. :)

Anonymous said...

I need help with this issue. I really love school and I want my children to go to school. Not homeschool. There is a school at the church where we are right now. It is truly terrible. I have a very long list of reasons why no child should ever go to this school. The enrollment has been steadly heading down for 15 years now and is so low right now it might reach 0 before our oldest, who is 2, would be able to attend.
What can we do? I want my kids in school. In a good school. We live in a large area, so we have a lot of options and choices. I'm happy with many of them. I have been told by some congregation members that the Pastor's kids not going to the school will ruin everything. I will be responsible for the closing of a 125 year old Lutheran school and do I want that on my conscience. My feelings about this school and it being a bad place for kids are so strong that I almost said yes. Instead I mouthed off about how the school has been going down for the last 15years or so and 15 years ago I was in the seventh grade half way across the country and would they like to know my issues with the school in great detail because I will tell them. They didn't. Another problem I have is talking back, but thats another issue. I really become very wild at the thought of anyone or anything standing in the way of the educational experiences that I have planned for my kids. My husband is with me on this issue, but he's also torn. The church is really split about keeping the school open or closing it, and he has to love and care for both sides.
What would you do? If school is not your issue, then is there something else related to the church that you have said "No, not my kids" about? What was the fallout?
Sorry for posting this anonymously, I don't have a blogger profile, but I really could use some advice.

Rebekah said...

Anon, sorry we missed you down here. Sounds like real mess, and I'm afraid I don't have a lot of experience with a situation like yours. The closest I've come is grumpily sitting my kids out of "children's sermons" and "children's church" at our previous parish, but they were so young then that people probably just thought I didn't think they were big enough to go.

All churches are different--I know there are pastors at parishes with schools who still homeschool their children without getting in trouble for it, but there are also lots of parishes where that (or sending the kids to a different school) would be a huge problem. If a lot of people have pulled their kids from the school, I'd guess you could count on their sympathy to counterbalance those on the other side.

A pastor's family can never avoid offending someone. Shoot us an email if you'd like before this post falls off the page; I'd be glad to kick this around some with you.