14 April 2009

Lutheran Easter Hat Challenge

Wow, do these gals look great or what? (Thanks for letting me use the photo, Jane!)

Where to begin? D.W. neé S. tops off her new maternal glow with a confident wide brim. E.P. and the youngest ladies of the parish epitomize Easter in their traditional white and pastel bonnets. A pillbox is pure class on J.C. and perfect on the criminally adorable J.P. The fresh face of the lovely B.C. gives new vitality to an antique straw. Who wouldn't want in on this?

Girls, Easter hats need to go Lutheran viral. I'm showing this photo to our ladies' Bible study and my other church friends, and next year we're showing up in hats. You do the same, and CSPP will host a 2010 Easter hat carnival for any Lutheran blogger who posts a photo of their ladies in hats.


Jane said...

It was incredible and added such a festive air to the service. We all enjoyed it and the men did, too. I can't wait to see the pictures of Easter 2010!

And the photo was taken--with great effort and entertainment value--by the incomparable Steve Blakey.

Jacqui said...

criminally adorable???!!! Maybe there's another JP there --- I'll have to look closer ;-)

Jane said...

No, JP, you are the one and only. :)

Angela said...

Love it...I am a big fan of ladies in hats. I wore a wide brimmed straw hat one Sunday, and my (very tall) pastor managed to lose the communion cup under the brim. He couldn't see to serve, I couldn't drink, and we both nearly lost it laughing! I pay attention these days to brim size.

Reb. Mary said...

Fabulous :D

Rebekah said...

In fact, "the criminally adorable J.P." is redundant. However, I do not apologize for sloppy writing since it is enjoyable both to write and to read true things.

Angela, that is an important consideration! Thanks for the tip. :D

Robert said...

Beautiful...and biblical.

Pam said...

We have a group of ladies in our church who wear hats for Easter Sunday every year. Unfortunately, it seems to be a clique-ish thing, if nothing else by default because no one else does it. I think they don't want to be part of the clique, and on goes the cycle. Besides, sometimes the hats are more silly than beautiful, and it has taken away from the celebration of the resurrection as an entertaining sideshow.

That said, my girls wear hats-- pretty ones-- and this year I DID consider wearing my own, but chickened out for the clique factor. But then other than a wide-brimmed straw hat, I just have my new cowboy hat ;o)

Which, incidentally, I am planning to wear next month with my boots and skirt outfit, since this year the ladies had such fun they said lets all wear hats on Mothers' Day.

I'll let you know if I get a pic out of it, but I think they're on to something... why wait till next year? :o)

The Rev. BT Ball said...

there is a bit of a conversation about Easter Headgear over here


Plus, you get to see the beautiful women of my house with their Easter hats.