12 April 2009

The joy of the dative

Everyone raised his hand to pick the fruit he best liked the look of, and then everyone paused for a second. This fruit was so beautiful that each felt "It can't be meant for me . . . surely we're not allowed to pluck it." (from The Last Battle)

And even our little Easters feel like this.

Be with us through this season, Lord,
And all our earthly days
That when the final Easter dawns
We join in Heaven's praise

"When Mary Came With Rich Perfume" stanza 3


Thursday's Child said...

Happy Easter!

Joy said...

So, what'd you wear?

BTW, the Starck's prayer book arrived, and it's lovely. (Except for that part about women causing the death of thier unborn by being angry.)

Rebekah said...

Eight year old skirt and hand-me-down sweater for the Vigil, seven year old skirt and relatively newish sweater for Sunday. Yawn, but nursing accessible and not so obviously 90s.

Joy said...

hey, I wore my mom's skirt suit. Nursing accessible and the price was right. But for some reason I didn't get a single compliment. Maybe I need a hat. :)

Rebekah said...

LOL. I was lying in bed thinking about Easter hymns last night and I realized this verse is actually from "Oh Lord Throughout These Forty Days." I mixed them up because our choir sings both. And because I'm dumb. Only took me a year to figure it out.