14 February 2009

Where did all these feathers come from?!?

While I am the victim of various pregnancy-induced neuroses, I have yet to suffer much from this one. I have, however, in the past experienced Sudden Paroxysmal Outbursts of Resentful Exasperation (SPORE) upon carrying a brand new baby from the Land of Perfect Sterility to Our Disgusting House.* Whee.

Out of love for my family, I work to thwart dirt-inspired SPORE by cleaning up a bit before the baby’s birth. My husband and children gratefully respond to this kind gesture by allowing me to waddle around after them yelling, “What is wrong with you people?!? KEEP THIS ROOM CLEANED UP!”

I heart cleaning!

Surely the end is near. Let the countdown begin.

*Tricksy hospitals with their antiseptic smells and crisp white sheets . . . every time I’m in one I manage to forget that, while that thing in the back of my fridge can no longer be called an onion, at least my house doesn't support a freeloading Staph.


Rebekah said...

Now THAT is a Valentine.

Reb. Mary said...

"like a brooding hen"?! Sheesh.

My astute husband decided it was time to bundle me off to the hospital for #3 when he found me alternately scrubbing cupboards and weeping.

SPORE. I'm likin' it :)

Pam said...

Oh, ROFLOL, yes, SPORE, definitely.

How in the world does the pregnant brain come up with these? ;)