07 February 2009

Times when you shouldn't ask someone if she's pregnant

--When she looks thicker than you remember

--When you know she's a card carrying Concordian Sister and figure it's about time

--When you notice her wobbling during that Invocation-Collect stretch

--When she turns down a margarita

--When she eats four cheeseburgers without seeming remotely embarrassed

--When she's looked ill for five weeks

--When you figure it doesn't bother you to be asked so why should it bother anyone else?

--When you can't think of anything else to talk about

--When you really, really, really want to know

--When you've got $8000 riding on it

--When you're on a lifeboat carrying 13 people and provisions for 10



Glenda said...

The only time I ever got angry at this question was shortly after #4 was born. I was in the grocery store with all four by myself. 5yr old and 3 yr old were walking, 17 month old in the cart, I was holding the 1 month old. The lady in front of me in the line is watching, looks at me, and then asks, "Oh when are you due?"


I still don't know how that would even possible

Pam said...

So, Glenda, what did you say? :0

Rosie said...

All of this with a parenthetical caveat ("unless she's your sister")...right? :-D

Dakotapam said...

Of course, every time someone has asked me this question I said "no!" and rushed away, and every.single.time. I took a test the next week and I was! Eeek!

Rebekah said...

Glenda, !!! I'd have cried.

Ro, NO!

Joy said...

I'll add: when she's wearing a maternity shirt.

Sometimes I just wanna be comfy, you know? Only people don't ask me, "Are you expecting?" They simply say, "When's your baby due?"

Glenda said...

Rebekah, I was too stunned and angry to cry (till later).

Pam I think I said, "No I'm still just fat from the last one," which is usually what I always replied. The looks people gave after that response were priceless. :-D

Pam said...

You know, after #7, I finally quit trying to 'hide' that jelly belly, commenting to more than one person that it's just the way I look, even though I look 6mo along when I'm NOT. I have started to make reference to being too fat for... whatever, even on occasion to my kids.

I may not like the 'pooge' as dh an I affectionately refer to extra in the tummy, (his or mine, btw)but mostly it doesn't bother me. As another momma said, it's my 'empty baby house.'

And yes, yes, it is priceless Glenda, the look of surprise and perhaps embarrassment on someone's face, when they realize I'm not saying it as a self-depricating or apologetic remark-- just matter of fact! No less so than when my boys' jeans are too short cuz they got taller. It just happens.
Right?? :)