18 February 2009

Seven ways to tell if your belly is ripe

1. Thump it. If it sounds hollow, it's ripe. This is more difficult for untrained ears.

2. Look at the color. Your belly is ripe when there is little contrast between the stripes.

3. Press on it. If your belly feels like it gives a little (but just a little), it's ripe.

4. Check the number of days from anthesis. Right? Right.

5. Check the size. It's not necessarily true that a big belly means it's ready; but under good conditions, it should be a normal size. If it's not a normal size, you're probably too anxious.

6. Check its weight. An ideal belly should be heavy for its size.

7. Still confused? Yeah. Well. Me too. :)
thunk, thunk

If you're curious about gauging the ripeness of an actual melon, read this. I stole most of their verbiage for this post, but they deserved it.


Rebekah said...

I actually find the opposite of the striping effect you describe to be true. :P

Joy said...

Me too. My stretch marks get blood red by the end. And I carry past 41 weeks, so being 37 wouldn't get my excited. Just wanted to give you some positive perspective, Gauntlets. :) You know you've been blogging too much when you dream about people you've never met.

MooreMama said...

But if you thump it, does it thump back?

Gauntlets - soon enough, friend, soon enough. Right?

And, Other Girls - I didn't see any of my stretch marks until after I delivered. I thought I was doing pretty well, but...

Marie M said...

Well, just so you don't "crack it open" or "check to see if the vine (read: umbilical cord) is withered," like the watermelon website suggests, to find out if YOU are ripe enough=)

Reb. Mary said...

I think the check the tendril thing has navel applications.

Liz said...

I went with the "How do you know the baby (turkey) is done?" approach... when the baby thermometer (belly button) popped out.

Gauntlets said...

MM: Yes. It does.

As for those stripes . . . yeah, well. I'm just so glad my skin doesn't go the route of a dream deferred, you know?

And good point on the navel applications, ladies. I was trying to pretend mine wasn't there. ;D