09 February 2009

If you must swim

There are three things I have to buy new for myself and the kids because they're hard to come by (or hard to come by clean) secondhand. Sometimes I have to buy new shoes. More often I have to buy new pajamas. I almost always buy swimming suits new (although I did get myself a great used Speedo for bottom dollar on eBay once).

It's February, which is the perfect time to find them super cheap for you and the girls. The bad news is that the Birqini is a hot commodity and never goes on sale. I showed this picture to my daughter and asked her what she thought. She said, "It doesn't have socks." Great kid.

Lutherans, of course, are free in the Gospel to forgo the hood.

Motherwear is having an end of season clearance including nursing swimming suits for crazy cheap if you know how much they usually cost there. Having attempted to nurse a very annoyed baby under a t-shirt while wearing the aforementioned Speedo at a waterpark, I can vouch for the fact that one of these would be real handy to have if you're looking at a lot more summers of nursing. Coverage looks pretty decent, although the jerks charge separately for the skirts. Sizes and colors are running out, so order while you can.

For the girls, there's a great overstock sale at Land's End. I'm splurging on the 50 SPF Swim-mini skirt bottom and Short Sleeve Rash Guard top for my Scandinavian princesses, and hope to discourage pervs in the process. I hate dropping this much cash on anything, but I really want them to have decent swimwear that falls somewhere between eye candy and Amish. This is as well-priced as you can hope to find it if you have this problem every summer too.


Dakotapam said...

I'm cheap, so for my nursing days I got tankinis, the last one with a skirt from K-Mart or Walmart, they were easy and discreet for nursing, and they were under $20...they wore like iron too...which could be shocking. I would still have the last one, but I put a kid in charge of gathering the suits to pack up at our last hotel venture and lost the bottom. I've replaced it with a skirted black one piece from Target...that has enough bra to hold the retired nursies in... I'm thankful for boys, their suits are always modest and they tend to get handed down generously and go on clearance for 1.99

Rebekah said...

Those Motherwear suits are seriously Kmart cheap right now, and will keep your belly covered. And I'm also glad that only half my crew poses this problem!

Monique said...

Well, this just confirms that I HAVE been living under a rock because I didn't even now nursing tankinis existed! I've just ordered mine and since the high was 72 today, looks like I'll be needing it pretty soon.

Thanks so much Rebekah!

TruthQuestioner said...

I'm craving that Burquini. That is definitely my preferred "beach look" all the way around! Thanks for the post.

Rebekah said...

At your service, Monique! ;)

TQ, I also think the Burqini looks awesome.

Pam said...

I have a MW nursing suit, not the tankini, which would NOT do well on my, um, figure. (using the word figure looooosely) It is not as supportive as I'd like, but it definitely covers well and does work well for nursing.

I did the LE suit splurge for my girls, first with the tankinis, which I found did not cover well enough. They were riding up in the rear all the time, and the tummies showed every time the girls moved. Then tried again with the tugless tanks, found for my girls they are NOT tugless, and more of their hineys showed than before (had skirts with the tankinis, so it was when they flipped up or the child bent over)I hate having my little girls' tooshies showing for all the world to see, and frankly I think they show too much even when the fabric WAS covering.

Two years ago, found Speedos in all sizes at Sam's Club. I was happy with them, with the exception of not having swim skirts to cover with, but for $15 a pop, I was thrilled with the fit and coverage. So much so that last year I stocked up with more sizes when they had them again. And btw, they are wearing really well so far.

I'd go for the burquini, but that model is SLIM. I'll look like a sack of potatoes with a bust in it. I have seriously considered other similar suits, however, as I am getting more and more aware of my own KIDS' eyes on me the few times I actually get to go swimming.