01 February 2009

I resemble that remark

While I was leaving church this morning, more than one kindly woman assured me that I look miserable. I also heard: uncomfortable, rough, in pain, and, most cleverly, big. :D In the past, I used comments like this to gauge how close to delivery I was; a girl does begin to look a bit ripe, after all. This time, the gauge is broken. I’ve been hearing about how afflicted I look for close to a month, and I’m pretty sure I’ve several weeks to go.

I feel pretty! Oh, so pretty!

Granted, I am a bit funny looking when pregnant, so the comments don't hurt my precious, precious feelings. After awhile, they do make me tired. I’m just not sure how to respond when so many helpful people helpfully attempt to describe this, my current state of gibbousness. I think I have two options:

1. Commiserate. After all, the commenters just want to be friendly. Their genial elucidations are best viewed as extended hands, warm attempts to draw me into the large, blissful circle of womanhood.

2. Slap each offender square across the face.

Wait. Sorry. I didn’t really mean that. Of course not. What I meant to say was:

2. Laugh sweetly and assure my friends that the belly looks worse than it actually feels. After all, there’s a wiggly little person in there, which still amazes me (and weirds me out) even after having experienced it before. And, no, my hips don’t hurt . . . much.

Achieving either course of action is more cumbersome than lugging the belly, of course. But I don’t suppose imperious stares have a place in the church narthex. No. Naturally not.


Rebekah said...

Imperious, maybe not. But what about the Paddingtonian hard variety?

Pam said...

Smile and nod... this too shall pass.

Christine said...

What would they do if you said "Thank you"? *giggle*

Joy said...

I vote for #2 (the FIRST #2).

But #1 could be fun too. Commiserate. "Oh, you're right! And you are looking downright sickly yourself."

kinda makes me look forward to those comments again.

Mossback Meadow said...

Since my oldest son is off to the army now, I"ve had a rash of "hmm, well there must be some reason that God is giving you this baby."
Pregnancy paranoia makes me think, "My God, what are they saying - that eldest son won't be coming back??!!!"
I don't know what the right comeback is.

Rebekah said...

MM, ?!?!

Lutheran Woman said...

As my best friend always says while looking up to God ... "NOT FUNNY!" ;o)

Reb. Mary said...

And, pregnant or not, which is worse: Having someone confirm that I look as miserable as I feel, or having someone tell me how awful I look on a day I'm actually feeling ok?

Pam said...

Too bad we haven't gotten in the habit of saying similar things as we do in the early to mid months, such as "You have that pregnancy glow," or that it "becomes you," or that you're "all baby." I have heard these, and thankfully, sweet women here in our congregation have said them to me in the last weeks, okay, maybe not in week 41, but really...

Maybe if we all make an effort to say unusually positive things to other gals, it'll catch on.

I know, I know, people just don't know what to say, and for some reason they don't grasp that saying nothing IS an option. ;)

Liz said...

You know, MM, what you say to that is: "Every soldier needs a battle buddy to pass on the finer points of weapon maintenance. Do you think two months is too young for a first side arm?" The well wishers will back away, very slowly.