11 February 2009

I crack myself up

One of my favorite routes to a good laugh is thinking about Future Self. You know, that poor middle-aged woman who lives in a house swarming with moody teenagers who eat nine times as much food as we currently go through and fill whole laundry baskets in a day and sleep in piles wherever they can find space and are starting to notice that no one else around here lives like this. And possibly also a assortment of kids and babies. LOL!

What's for supper?


Joy said...

I foresee paying my eldest handsomely to watch her little sisters.

Karin said...

My eldest is paid in material for her sewing habit and the second with books for his reading habit. I can not say we always pay anything but I am certainly not stingy with them either. The third child is probably not compensated enough for his efforts in mommy land. Sigh. Perhaps I need to take him out sometime but then I would need a baby sitter!!!!!

Dakotapam said...

My eldest is happy to be paid in video games and sugary soda...eek.

Pam said...

Rebekah, consider this:

They may eat more, but they'll be able to help hunt, garden, can/freeze, cook, and clean.

They'll be able not only to do their own laundry, but that of the rest of the family as well. They may have jobs, and can buy their own clothes or extras.

Can't help on space, except to say that our modest parsonage, which seemed cramped not so long ago, is lots lots bigger with the advent of our Black Bag Project, aka Serious Decluttering with No Mercy.

Here's some other food for thought, if you like crunching numbers:

Seven years from now, in 2016, my current eight kiddos will be 17.5, 16, 15, 13.5, 12, 11, 9, and 7.5.

When my oldest was 7.5, our sixth was born.

So potentially speaking, barring something unforeseeable, if the Lord continues to bless us the way He has so far, what you're describing could be reality for me very soon! Oh, and btw, in 2016 I would turn 39. Does that boggle your mind?

As I am mulling this all over, it actually sounds kinda fun. :D

Rebekah, please don't shoot me for saying that. :P